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As well too good idea go buy that subscription to your local paper that's all we got for today thanks for watching we're back next week but sunday it's meet the press you've been listening to nbc's meet the press with a round table guests jackson chief nbc white house correspondent cornell belcher president of brilliant corners research kimberly atkins boston herald dc bureau chief and david brody of cbs news the sunday shows continue at the top of the hour in the meantime we take you over to c span two this is the first sunday of the month when we always invited guests for three hour discussion as we continue our twenty eighteen fiction edition of indepth our best selling novelist brad thor is our guest today mr thors the author of many thrillers including the lions of lucerne blowback and his latest spymaster which will be published on july third and we joined that discussion in progress on c span two's book tv ron i appreciate it you know it's funny because a lot of people ask me is brad thor my real name and it is way back i think in the in the eighteen hundreds the swedish government said you know we have so many johan sons in ericsson's and spend since that it used to be because you would take your dad's name and then add son or daughter depending on your gender they said the government of sweden said we can't do this you got to pick a name for the family and thank god we had a great great grandfather erickson who said we're gonna be sore so i'm very pleased with that and brad thor stacks very well at a book cover so a reminder if you can't get through on the phone lines first time caller is only you can do that via social media and we will scroll through those addresses here as we go but this is a question from facebook larry wants to know how many more harvests books do you envision and a movie update on lions of lucerne okay so great great question so many more with harvey isn't going anywhere anytime soon he's doing everything he can to stay in the field and i think you'll enjoy seeing what he's up to inspire master and the links to go to because he still wants to be out in the action as far as lucerne is concerned there there is no updates we are at a standstill in hollywood in fact i just took a big meeting on spymaster where some hollywood producers thought spy master would be a great great place to start the scott harvard film franchise so it's up in the air and you know it's i don't count my chickens before they hatch we thought we had a good thing going with lions and it just didn't materialize but you can't swing a dead cat in hollywood without hitting somebody who's got a million stories about movies that almost got made and then finally got made i mean back to.

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