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Want to talk to us. 3123323776 Black and Abdel will be on for a short show from 66 30. We've got light socks, baseball, another good one against the Blue Jays tonight. Um, the Bears were back on the field that they have been for OTAs next week will be the mandatory minicamp. By the way. A lot of defensive players did not show up again. John Gibson did come back their safety. Yeah. And Hero town. Was there again believe if I read things correctly, Andy Dalton threw three picks today. Wow. And I'll play you adjust and bite about Justin Fields had a beautiful deep ball he threw. I wanted to Ask a question to Matt Nagy. I believe was around this time yesterday When I told everyone I was going to come into work early and set up in, you know, we recorded into crosstalk unhinged. That should be on the ESPN. Chicago app right now, Um, every week, 30 minutes, So we got here early. Right on Karm. Yurko got off the air. We recorded that at noon. And then I went in very early, and I was texting with adala making sure that my computer was right and that I knew where to sign in on the bare zoom. As I've watched those press conference on Twitter without the capability of asking a question them like it's just open to everyone. Can I ask a question I got in at 12. The the press conference is scheduled at one. I want to find out from someone in the bedrooms organization. The invites have been out there for Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy to join us on the show. Nagy has many times. Throughout the years. I don't believe Ryan Pace has ever been on the show. I don't think so. Maybe one time in bourbon A. Did he sit down with that? We had Phil Emery. I don't remember Ryan Pace. I remember meeting Ryan Pace a couple times. Nice guy, Wonderful knife, but but never never appearing on our show. He usually would join cap and he very rarely speaks outside of that little show that he does. During the week during the hill to manage the message, right. He doesn't speak to the general media really at all during the year before the season, and after this season, I just want to know from someone, okay? Hear me out. I want to know. Was. Andy Dalton promised the starting job when he signed here for opening day, not open the starter going into training camp for the starter going into mini camp. I want to know if this is truly going to be a competition. Or are they just going to give Andy Dalton the job on opening day? Because they promised him and I think that this involves every all of us like we want to see when Justin Fields could win the job is Justin Fields. Able to win the job, so They have not appeared on our show. So I said, Look, I'll go on the zoom today and I will ask a question I even cross referenced with Wieder about this. It was scheduled for one o'clock. I sign in at 12 50 under your own name, Big mistake. Big mistake. I should have said, cap and put on, you know, a bald, bald hat or something like that, or like the esteemed Don Pearson, and then they see me, Dan Pompei. You could have used right right. It could have used lots of people who respected but I signed in the press conference starts late at about 1 15. So I'm already 25 minutes before it even starts. But once we were all let in. I raised my hand right away right away. They call on Look, they call on all the usual guys. All the beat reporter Shannon Shannon Ryan. They went to John Miller. John Miller. They went to Brad Biggs. They went to Dan Wieder. They went to Adam Johnson's All the so I'm like. Okay, look, they'll get to guys like me late. Look it to me late and then the guys like you like guys that just like who are just here. Don't cover the team. About time. I'm a bandwagon guy. Yeah, I'm just coming who was got his own radio show? Who said the day before? I want to put him on this on the grill, and I'm gonna grow. It's not about gorilla. I don't want to grill. I just want an answer. I want to ask a direct question that gets direct answer. Send him an email. Maybe you'll get a response. What do you think the email is? What's manages email address. Do you think I could email man Nagy? Probably directly without getting in trouble from the Bears? Yeah, he sent you a text. Didn't he's anyone back? Go back in your phone and figure out what his number was. He called me. Okay? Don't you have a call log? That's like from a year ago, a year and a half ago. I don't know if I You don't even dump the spam email that they send. That's true. Like 90,000 of those up to my phone here. 212,912 email third away. Start over the phone or life? Yeah, control all to lead on your side. I know. I know. Jeez, and I have taken out a new email address, but I still can't pull the trigger. I'm so anyway, I've got my hand up. And then I'm Dahlan notices that someone lowered my hand. I didn't do anything. Like the moderators, someone in that zoom lowered my hand. So thankfully of dollar, like a great team that he is, let me know. So I raised my hand again. Virtually I'm raising my hand. And then of course they come in. Do you have the sound bite from bears? PR? Where where they lowered the boom on me, and they taunted me. They basically bat flipped me at the end of the press conference. We got time for two more. We're gonna go Mike Berman. We're gonna close out with Jason Measure. So in case you're like some host an ESPN 1000 waiting with your hand up which we lowered earlier and now you have your hand up again. It's Berman and then Jason and you got no shot. There were indeed I think they did you a favor instead of making you sit there with your hand up knowing that they weren't going to go to you, they actually let you know They weren't going to go to you and you go about your business. I I felt like someone who got stood up at a date. I walked off to upset and I am now going to make this my priority where I'm going to stock every zoom call until they call on me. You have a different name. Logging under someone else's name got time for two more. We're going to go Mike Berman. We're going to close out with Jason Leisure stick. It's Silverman. You're not asked. We don't want to answer whether or not we promised Andy Dalton the job fans don't need to know that the concept of No. That's a separate discussion, but the concept of guaranteeing the job who is on his third team. And his bridge guy based on the contract that he signed just is how do you do business that way and again? I don't know that That's the case because you weren't able to ask the question. They weren't able to answer it. Why would you guarantee a starting job? That's my point. That's why I'm so outraged by this. Like if they did. I just I mean, I don't I wouldn't go about Listen, if you're Aaron Rodgers, Aaron, you're starting week one. I can definitively say that on June 9th right now, And the funny part is they're not right. Not right. Yeah. They told him that your start. You gotta come back. You can't be in. You know, Hawaii partying you got for us. He had a big play for us. You're gonna start there You'll be there. You're starter week one. So my next chance of dollar is next week, right? There are mandatory. Many camps going on Wednesday Thursday. He speaks three times. And if they don't take me Tuesday, I'm I'm checking in on the other principal. They probably think the joke's on me like they're already tried to do that. Yeah. I I put out a tax them like, Well, dude, I went out of my way today. I scheduled around this. Well, you can. It's during the show on Tuesday and Wednesday, So I'm gonna put you in the other request for you to the other room, waddling the two and what he calls Championship Boys. Will the show chip in and we'll check in with you will give you rations if you need it. While you're in there, waiting for Nagy to speak, because better he'll be late Water. And then once you if you don't when you don't get to ask your question Tuesday will do it again Wednesday, But I'll tell you this on Thursday. He speaks at 12 30. You're gonna have to get here. Okay? Unless they call on me. Well, they probably want they're not going to college unless you change your name. You think I should make a can you put up a fake name? I mean, you have They see who it is? No, because you're less. The The lower zoom log, so you can change it to whatever you want. Also, the less you're in there, the like, the less likely they are to calling you like if you make up a name from from the the Let's say the Lyle Times Picayune planned the How did you got a local? Um, picky you because you have to have a look in New Orleans always has to end with picky You in a good newspaper always ends with picky and the only the only newspapers I subscribed to and give my money to end with picky Yun And they they're.

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