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Laughed earlier this week mark when it was revealed that jerry rice believes he could go back to the nfl at age fifty five and be a productive wide receiver you hear from guys who are in their mid fifty two every day so you're a few years younger than he is could you imagine returning to the nfl getting down in the trenches being the huddle and being a productive member of the league at this age yeah for one play yeah i always still they promise not to hit me no absolutely not and you know jerry rice is delusional but that's okay you know i mean i still look in the mirror and see twentythree amy so you know i mean i think all of us are somewhat delusional when it comes to stuff like that but there's absolutely no way everybody thinks you know even the people that have never played before everybody thinks they could play and it's like the mike tyson thing everybody thinks they can you know that they can fight until they get punched in the mouth everything they play until they hit those guys are physical big there you know and they are fast and and and they are you know they have bad intentions so it's fun to talk about but yeah there is absolutely no way that i could get hit by a player today and and you know and survived that at least you're honest about it mark i appreciate that i can't imagine either my gosh let's talk about the offensive line a little bit because that is where you played when you were in the nfl that's how you won three super bowl rings they certainly are positions on the field which don't get noticed a lot until the quarterback at sacked or there's a turnover we have a situation in cleveland where a longtime offensive lineman staple joe thomas is retiring when you think about how long he was there and how many consecutive snaps he remained on the field for how you're a place a guy like that yeah he is just one of the way he's just one of the all time greats and you know when you listen to talk it's not the physicality and he's not you know he's a big man he's naturally a big man but you know he's not like some big muscle pig or anything of that nature what you start to realize is how intelligent how bright and how much he understands the game and as we all age you know it's the exceptional athletes that come right off the bat and then all of a sudden disappear those are the guys don't pay attention to the game but don't you know don't take the time to really study the game into talapity it's one thing to know your position but if you wanna play for a long time you really need to know not only what the guy on the radio does the guy on the left of you but you need to understand what the whole offense does and oh by the way instead of just their assignments and the whole office of wines assignments and where the running backs are and where you can get help and where you can get a chip and even if a guy doesn't isn't in charge of chipping if if he has to release through a big gap and you can funnel defensive lineman to him and make him play that hey two shopping carts in the shopping out the grocery store and it stops his pass rush like those are the things you learn to help you block is without actually touching guys and when you listen to joe thomas talk you understand that he has a great understanding of not only offense and where everybody is on the on the football field but where the defensive guys lineup and what they are gonna do used to have a saying when i played two bucks don't fit through one hole and you have to understand from alignment what the potential of blitz is what the potential of those players and what they're going to do and when you start to understand the game into salary like that for you can play a high level for a very long time even when you're injured even when you're not feeling your best two.

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