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Scott Goldberg moving forward a day after the testimony by former special counsel Robert Muller house speaker Nancy Pelosi says it's time for Democrats to talk about other things as they head home for the summer recess house Democrats looking to tell the American people it isn't all Muller all the time on Capitol Hill on August and they get too hot to handle for the Senate not to take up our our bills speaker Nancy Pelosi telling reporters in the two hundred days they've held the majority they've done things besides investigate the president pointing the bill they passed and sent to the Senate that lower healthcare costs raise worker paychecks and cut government corruption Serena Marshall ABC news the capitol after more than two decades of federal government today reinstated the federal death penalty Attorney General William Barr says it'll bring justice to victims and families five people on death row will now have their executions scheduled the heatwave it's affecting much of Europe is threatening note for dom cathedral in Paris there are fears that soaring temperatures could cause the fire ravaged sealing the collapse of the chief architect overseeing the restoration worries that the summer heat will bake stone walls still saturated with water from the firefighters I can you can look it over he says he worries that he will make the water logged masonry dried too quickly compromising the strength of the walls which he fears could lead to a collapse of part of the structure at any moment ABC's David Wright in Paris the cathedral was nearly destroyed by fire in April importer Rico activists are celebrating the governor's announcement that he's stepping down protesters called for Ricardo sales resignation citing corruption in his administration Southwest Airlines says it'll stop flying out of the airport in Newark New Jersey the reason they're making less money because of Boeing seven thirty seven MAX jets those planes have been grounded since March after two deadly crashes you're listening to ABC news Sacramento's number one for breaking news traffic.

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