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And now we're going to be ramping that up to five G O, which is much faster data download technology. So the idea is faster uploads faster downloads, more data. Correct. Tom wheeler. I'm not sure if he's still the FCC chair but back in two thousand sixteen when he he's not back in two thousand sixteen. He was kind of a noun sing the rollout of five G. And I think at that time they were projecting twenty twenty or twenty two. Twenty one and Wheeler said at the Press Club in Washington if anyone claims they know what five G is going to become run the other way. What do you think he meant by that? Exactly. Well, I think five piece going Volve, and because of that we don't really know how it's going to end up being used. We don't even know the exact frequencies that they're going to use for five Jeep, and so right now, we're all doing best guess based on the technology that we currently have available. What little information is provided to us by the helicopter industry, and we're trying to make predictions based on really very limited data. So I agree with him. We have no idea what the future hasn't store for us. Because there's going to be a lot of really ingenious people who are going to take this technology and run with it and design all sorts of things that you know, we we just don't know what they're going to be. Yep. I recently watched the duck five G, apocalypse the extinction. Event which was directed by sashes stone, and in the dock there is a scientist slash weapons expert from northern England. Mark steel he's up in Gateshead in northern England. And he says that that they are I guess Gateshead is kind of an early adapter. They're already getting ready for five G. They are hooking up transmitters, and they are placing them in the LED streetlights. He says that he's getting reports. Widespread reports in the town of Gateshead of nosebleeds children having nose bleeds where you know, prior to the installation of these five, gee, transmitters, they had none. So what is the connection between five G wireless and nose bleeds is this common? We're already experiencing notably.

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