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Into your time 7 42 well in Israel, the Health Ministry says the fights are covid vaccine is that 64% effectiveness in preventing infections, However, It notes that the vaccine still has 93% efficacy in preventing hospitalizations and severe symptoms. And that's a very important piece of this doctor. Sal Giorgianni is on the Cocoa news Live line. He's the senior science advisor to the men's health network in the past chair emeritus of the American Public Health Association. Good morning, doctor. Good morning. You know, Donna, thank you for having me on the program Well, and that brings me to this because Pfizer has come out and said, We are pushing for a booster shot. But the CDC is not. Why is there this discrepancy? Well, I think it's a matter of understanding CDC, FDA language and reading, uh, down in the paragraphs. What I believe the CDC FDA says that they are not Endorsing the notion of the need for booster at this time and in regulatory language, that kind of means we're thinking about it where we have not made up our mind, and it does take time to make up their minds. I think that the Israeli data that you, uh after in sterile, Iran has given some people a little bit of a heightened awareness about the potential problems for the Delta virus. Dell Barbarian No. One Knows if that data from Israel is quite as solid as it seems to be. So they're looking at it a little bit more. Uh, so there are questions there. That are floating around. No fighter is meeting today with the regulatory authorities to talk about their view about the need for a booster and I, uh, advisor modern up have for quite some time. Believe that a bushel will be necessary. The question is, I think in my mind that if we will need a third injection or a second, you have to change a But when is the best time to do it? Six months a year? Two years? We simply don't know. Now Don't Matt. Most vaccines, efficacy wane over time. Well, many of them do some of them. Don't uh, for example of tetanus. It certainly wave anybody who was, you know, works in areas where you might become, it would affect this. Problem. You know, you should be getting vaccinated periodically things like measles and moms. They tend to last four out for a very, very long time Flu vaccine we know and The SARS virus is not exactly and flew back. New virus. What is Justin cousin that we need every a year or so because of the number of variants that come out and the way that the vaccines You know, protect you, So I think it varies all over and that's that's really the big, uh, $64 billion question here. Madonna. When will the community Wayne from these vaccines? Spicer seems to think Based on their data and remember, these folks have tons and tons of data. They seem to think that that's going to wane after six months or a year. So what is your advice to people who are at risk who are hearing this and they're concerned because they are at risk. Well, first of all, if you have not been vaccinated you you really do need to be vaccinated. You need to be a dead end for the virus of the virus somehow gets into you. You want to not Let it do any damage to you don't want to be able to spread it. And you know people think this is a benign thing, But it's not as this long haulers sick, drawn up to 30% of people who have Get cold. It can have some mental health problems going on down the line to get the list. Depression, anxiety. We don't need any more of that, Uh, girls who have been vaccinated, stay tuned. Be open to the notion that getting had their second or third shot Anyone where they've gotten bison maternal of Jake J. And J's vaccine is a good thing. It boosts up your protection. It protects you from the variants that we know about now had very importantly, did on the variants that we don't know about. There probably are more coming. It's likely that there are more coming, so you really need to stay vigilant. This thing is not going away. And it's a troubled war with a very, very hardy virus. Doctor Sal Giorgianni on the cocoa News. Live.

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