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Kids and then you lose. That man I I I'm not going I'm not going. To doubt it but I'm not I'm I'm still be hopefully agree it is not looking good so far either like said regarding that so I'm I'm out like an answer to be honest. I still think they're going to add another member to hurt been other Apollo or Rousse but I'm assuming Apollo I thought that was the first person add July Alexander. So yeah. All right. So we gotta gotTa see what's going to happen with that Corey. I'm not trying to leave you hanging and all that stuff you now that you've been getting to do all these Russell in interviews and things like that man I mean I know you've been you know here in a little bit more about this. So I mean with the interviews that we've done with like Miranda Gordy and all these kinds of things ran I, mean. Someone who was out of wrestling result long I mean where are you at now this has got gotta be wrestling overload for you, and that's the best way. I could possibly describe is wrestling overload. I feel like my my world is getting taken over by one. But now in all seriousness like like I've had conversations with you you know after the shows in-between Shit just plan on the XBOX even. I? Don't necessarily enjoy what's put on in the ring I'm more. So enjoy what they do as character. and. I can I can play along with some of the stories and stuff like that. But as I've gotten older and especially because I'm so balls deep in UFC it's It's Kinda hard to you know. See the real version, and then still follow the wrestling virgin. You know like you were saying the story lines man like. They just don't compete with what they used to I mean I know you've tried to get me back into wrestling quite a few times and I was the the first couple times I mean I'm not GonNa lie I was pretty objective to it. But then you know since we've been getting further into it I, mean it's It's it's interesting. You know like I said I, I more prefer like the characters. The character driven. Inside of it more so than what actually goes on inside the ring I hear that I hear that. Will Chris. Obviously, we can't talk about what's going on in pro wrestling right now without talking about one of the things that I would say would be one of the light spots for wwe and that will be what we've seen so far with dominant the Stereo. K, a lot of people have tried to shit on it but I gotta say for a kid who's never been on a big stage. The kids delivered. Okay. His tag match that he had four free. So you don't know because obviously didn't watch it. But for those of you who didn't get to catch raw yet a triple threat tag match it was dominic mysterious. And Umberto correal against Seth Rollins, and Buddy Murphy, and then their third opponent was Andrei and Garza. Okay. So for starters. Before we even get into this match Chris. When his body Murphy going to finally say I had enough you beating the shit out of me Bro, until Seth Rollins to kick rocks. I don't know it might be. Something might happen on at clash of champions or update before I. Think before I don't know I think if I'm not mistaken this on survivor series, I mean right after class champions. Sheshan. Survivor series will be November. So yeah. So either I think is is going to be with four survivor series are a little bit after so it's shortly not too late like they alluded to this past week with Malaria Stereo in on Buddy Murphy what they did they did last week and day in this league. So they kind of looted today's so. Is Slowly, burning I'm looking forward to it s Murphy match for sure because if I'm not mistaken, I remember wrong. L.. I remember raise Murphy match on smackdown for free. T need. How's the pay per view match Thing is. I. Feel like I feel like your member dominate dominate first match against that Summer Slam. may dominate. Look good. So I mean Murphy already delivers close rounds in Murphy. House down. Unlike a how At first I thought it was going up you know 'cause you know Austin Theory Baco in exceed so good. Just, to digress for those of you don't know check out that link right there in a quarter past guests to the show but. That being said Thank, God they put Austin Theory back on. I feel like I was a good move. Because, do. I felt like he never was seth i. feel like they just kind of threw it. They're just because. Like I feel like they had a good idea what the Messiah thing. They just wanted to have him like a whole bunch of followers kind I la brea had his little followers I kind of feel like they kind of wanted to A. Different Way, but it kind of didn't work out so. Now. Sit Round pretty much a boss Prophet. So I think I thought it was GONNA lead to dominate. Tunnel Ray him join us. AS Roma's blood. Really. Thought or at least that's what I kind of hope for. But I'm just thinking is profit. He no he gone lose or you know in guys wins he got his losses out mysterious view they both they both look good both parties look good and is GONNA lead up to him in Murphy was. We wish it in the end he probably go into being the winner of the few but Murphy might win a war as he go get over in at view between MSF rollins so I'm looking forward to it. Like you say, when is it gonNA happen if it's not gonNA happen at Clash of champions is.

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