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Don't have to wait for three months to hear more of these but the point is at this point in time we still got people working remotely and and so. I wanna talk about that more broadly but as it relates to this. What's your advice if the people you want to build alliances with you. Don't see in the parking lot you don't see in the coffee room you don't see in the cafeteria. What is your advice for doing that. Then yeah great. Scenario and especially now and i would say not only with alliances just with your teams. You have to make a concerted effort to reach out now. It's even more important and i would submit that today. people are probably more open and receptive to reaching out. I tell you. I think they want to reach out because they do feel somewhat isolated and lonely but making a point that once a week or once every two weeks or once a month. You're reaching out to someone in another department at you. Don't know if you don't know them at all introduce yourself and explain what you do and that you're part of the company and you just want to understand and work with them better if you do know them just reach out and say how are things going. Let me share a little of my experience with my team remotely. Is there anything that i can do to help you. Are there tips or tricks or things that we do that. I could possibly share and vice versa. Everyone loves to talk a little bit about what they do and what they do well and now is the time that i think people are very for reaching out so specifically dance your question. Kevin make it a point to reach out to those that that that you don't know or don't know well enough and they'll be very receptive right now. Took to foster in that relationship. I think last point is so important and so true like all of us are feeling some isolation. You're not the only one is feeling it. And so when an and you become the hero by being the person that reaches out to somebody else right deliverance. Man that mark's got it going on man like he reached out to. I really appreciate that. And it's not like that's in the front of their brain but that's that's a that's a win. Everybody wins again backward saying that like everyone. I believe that everyone whether they say it or show it appreciates kindness especially random acts if i sent you a card kevin for no other reason not your birthday. It's not a holiday. You receive a hand written note from me saying.

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