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You dealt with any moved on there was others of pm for a while because i think one thing that he does do is defend players at all cost yes and again today mookie betts vida absolutely runthrough stop sign is that he's a great based runner nearly trusted the things that all the other stuff but for a while the the trend was craig kimbrell in hanley ramirez both things bothered him in the reason that i personally think that is because how those guys are used isn't up to him you might otherwise but i honestly don't think he can use kimbrell anyway that he wants a youth i think he's told listen you're not gonna run out there in the eighth inning all the front of browse your or from kimbrell navarro honestly bowler you could pick one i think we know how kimbrell says how he wants to be used and i think maybe more dobrowolski saying hey we really need this guy you can't burnthrough cited you can pick one there and then with hanley ramirez he even made a comment i think with yesterday and the pregame onehanded ma'arif point i say hey you know this is kind of what we foresaw the lineup being against left these during the course of the year we haven't had a chance to do it but he's going to defendants have you read between the lines you can see i think he's probably annoyed with hanley ramirez in then that's where we kinda called out on it during the art is that up to him is it up to you is it up to the training staff is it if need today is that his shoulder like what's going on here the ramirez and the more he talks about the the more chances there are to contradict him so be it yeah and then that's when he gets kinda sensitive and look in the hanley ramirez case like he he can't come out because he knows a.

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