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They balanced duty to family and country while investigating high sticks crimes involving military personnel national security and the mysteries of the sun-drenched island paradise itself. This stars vanessa shea from nine to one zero and kalma can't yes mean album tommy from the originals jason atone attune from klaus noah mills from the falcon in the winter soldier. And the brave tori anderson from no tomorrow. Alex tarrant from eight hundred words and new zealand's vegas s. It's going up against nbc's ordinary joe and abc's the good doctor my thoughts on this one as we'll be the theme for a lot of nbc shows is that they're making another version of a franchise. That's already existing. There's a couple of shows like that on the on the whole roster of the preview. And i don't watch any of them i don't watch any of the. Ncaa shows so. I will not start now. I watched the promo for this one. And i found vanessa last shay very grating and not interesting to watch so i'm interested to see how does because ncis. I'm sure people watch it. People of a certain demographic definitely will watch it. And it's i'm not in that demographic i never have been not interested in watching any of them so it's a pass for me although the you know landscapes of hawaii. I'm sure we'll be very beautiful to watch. Krever checks out returning shows on monday. Abc has dancing with the stars twentieth. And the good doctor on september. Twenty seven th. Hey that's my wedding anniversary. It's like an anniversary. Forget it could. Doctors claim back. That day that's awesome. Cbs has the neighborhood on september twentieth. As well as bob hearts. Abba shola and ncis nbc. Has the voice starting onto denver. Twentieth fox has nine one one on the twentieth. And the w has all american on. October twenty fifth on mondays. I'll be watching the good doctor and checking out. New shows the big leap an ordinary joe. So that is mondays for me pretty late day for sure which works out. Because i'm never home on monday anyways. I always end up watching these so many days later going on to tuesday. We have new show queens on. Abc starting on tuesday. October nineteenth at ten nine. Central the premise. For this one. It's a drama in which a strange and out of touch for women in their forties reunite for the chance to recapture their fame and regain the swagger. They had as the nasty bitches their nineties group had made them legends in the hip hop world. This is stirring eve from eve. Brandy for moesha nutri not from power nadine velazquez for my name is earl peppy signaling from famous and love and taylor soleil from p valley. It's going up against fbi. Most wanted on cbs and nbc's new amsterdam. So my thoughts on this one. I watched the promo for it and it seems like. Abc wants their own primetime soap. But it doesn't look very good. I mean i like brandy a lot. I like eve. Okay but the other girls i don't know and i don't. I don't know how i don't think this is going to do very well. Especially considering its on tuesday at nine which his notoriously not been a good time for abc. And i think more people are going to be watching. Fbi and new amsterdam procedural that are well. You know in the in the routine in the routine for people. So i think people will be watching that and not so much this i don't think. Abc can pull off a hip hop drama. I don't think they've ever tried before. But i don't think that's really their demo so i don't think it's gonna go well and i'm not interested in watching and cbs is doing all of your fbi shows on tuesday so they do have a new one coming out and that's the next show fbi international which is on cbs. Starting on tuesday. September twenty first at ten nine central debut in a crossover episode. Fbi and fbi most wanted next season. The off shoot follows the fbi international flight team as a the world with the mission of tracking and neutralizing threats against american citizens wherever they may be not allowed to carry guns. The flight team relies on intelligence quick thinking and pure brawn as they put their lives on the line to protect the people the us and its people. its stars. luke. Klein tank from the man in the high castle in bones. A read from pole. Dark vanessa new doe to from lucifer christine paul from counterpoint counterpart and carter redwood from the long road home and. This is the team. Same timeslot as queens. So it's going up against new amsterdam and queens and once again i don't watch any of the fbi shows. I'm not starting now. i'm sure people watch it. It'll probably be a big hit because a lot of people like those procedures on on cbs. But i'm gonna pass. It's kind of a theme for me on these tuesday new shows. I'm not really grabbing to any of them. Spoilers the next one is our kind of people which is on fox.

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