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So we have no first of all we have seventy dollars how you doing good man tired for some reason i have no idea why that presa say gee or whatever expressway and you has you know what i forgot they had that new muppet show got cancelled and it was alright that great but i was and and yeah yet heard mixed things yeah yeah they'd be like the office brag always right yeah kukoc just push it enough can't blame the something different though subscribe is thank you let me go over here same i'm sorry i thought i had thought dare you know dare you bring me up and not be right on dan got it now i'm sorry i'm sorry right your time's valuable no it's not do day my mother is a million miles away so all right called her though it's good that'll believe this oh where to go what to do it would there was there show called baby bob on cbs cracking me up with wind down cbs fuck and any station that put up fish police police police police who fish dog hospital can firefighters doggy off all right go ahead see you pull up some production over here so that we can do the box office properly this week and we're about to do the top five weekend box office and as we always tell the people out there just because you i don't mean you on top and might be the cases week let's go ahead and get into it and as we always do start out number five sems give us all the details but martin is gonna tell us what the positions are march starting at number five what we got.

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