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I'm dean mutual Minnesota Senator Amy klobuchar shower is officially announcing her run for president in the twenty twenty election. The first woman elected to the United States Senate from the state of Minnesota to announce my candidacy for president. The fifty eight year old democrat announced her candidacy in front of a crowd of supporters braving, fourteen degrees snowy weather in Minneapolis today. Clova showers running as a moderate says, she's tired of shutdowns gridlock. In grandstanding. Senator Richard Shelby says negotiations over a border security deal are at a stalemate hoping we can get off the dime later today or in the morning because times taken away on Fox News Sunday, the Alabama Republican said he thinks the talks are stalled right now. Shelby. Says one of the issues holding things up is the Democrats issue with immigration and customs enforcement detaining criminals that come into the US Shelby. As part of a bipartisan group of lawmakers working to reach an agreement on a border security deal by Friday when a partial government shutdown will go into effect workers and a clerk's office in Texas have discovered a piece of crime history in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Tarrant county clerks have been busy. Scanning old documents. So they could be uploaded to the internet and Perry is one of those clerks. She looked at one such document and immediately knew what was special. It's an original indictment of Bonnie and CLYDE for murdering two men in the nineteen thirties. The notorious bandits met in Dallas before beginning a two year spree of robberies and killing lawmen that made them infamous the April nineteen thirty four documents as Bonnie Parker and CLYDE barrow killed two lawmen who had stopped to help a broken down vehicle in grapevine, Texas. The pair died in a hail of police bullets the following month in Louisiana, that's Phil Hulett reporting. You're listening to the latest from NBC News Radio. Willie? Brought to you by choice. Hotels Econolodge and roadway inn. Hotels are serving up double points for every qualifying. Stay book at choice, hotels dot com. He was the man who's been recognized as radio's best the recipient of not one, but two Christina's Marconi awards for his broadcast excellence, the one and only Bill Cunningham. Billy Cunningham, the great American good to.

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