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PBS, which means you and are paying his salary. Now. Anthony Scaramucci, who broke with Trump. I think lawyers legitimate lawyers are telling them that he's in a lot of trouble. He incited a riot. He incited it Insurrection. He's arguably at least in the 21st century. You could say Timothy McVeigh for the 20th century, but He is the domestic terrorists of the 21st century. Did he just compare Donald Trump to Timothy McVeigh? He sure did. Here's Joy. Reid. I just want to ask you really quickly before I let you go. And I know you need to get some rest. What you were just talking about with Michael Beth slots. Best loss. I wonder if you have thought through kind of How Republicans begin. What? Someone on my team earlier if they called deep bath indication of the Republican, someone on my team came up with that. I don't want to steal because it's so brilliant. I want to give her credit for it. But someone in my team came up. You know the diva application? Yeah, that's good. I'm gonna use that kind of How Republicans begin. What? Someone on my team early if they called deep bath indication of the Republican Party, and I wonder if Liz Cheney you know her statement being the thing that Republicans used to be the Democrats you sorry to explain why they needed to impeach Donald Trump. Is there a little wing of the Republican Party that you think conduce. This sort of the bath of the case of the party? Can't work at this point. Define what that is. DEVE application with waterboarding. Any Kappa. Well, their fingernails out. Put needles in their eyeballs Were you talking about who's going to do this deep application? Hold them down with D bad vacation. Timothy McVeigh of the 21st Century Can you be Kirk coming up? Triple 8971 s a G?.

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