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Alerts on major breaking news. W BDM News time five traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by Mega Pro's home Improvement and Remodeling. Here's the roles we get quite a few accidents popping up. However, the Eaton's is good. The Kennedy no problems right now, Eisenhower's clear Stevenson, You've got the ramp to the inbound Ryan. That's down to one lane that's causing havoc in both directions. So watch out for that Dan Ryan, and it's heavy past the Stevenson to the burning or changed that's due to roadwork. Also report of a stall in the left lane of 47th right now, causing no delays, However, going outbound, it slow passed 87th into the I 57. Bishop Ford split also on I 57 inbound. You've got slow spots around 119th due to a crash. Outbound is clear Bishop board in its heavy past Madrid 30 to 103rd and that's due to an earlier crash but still causing Quite a few delays. Outbound. It's heavy from the Dan Ryan to pass 103rd and that too, due to a crash to reports of a crash that's around 95th Street. Lakeshore Drive North bound your heavy Wacker to Chicago Avenue. And that's due to roadwork. The right lane close of the Chicago River through the end of July. The tolls are looking pretty good. You still got a problem on eastbound 80 solid past 55 2 before bricks due to roadwork and 80 94 is looking a little bit better, but it's still heavy, Indiana told too before I 65.

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