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Of the ocean temperature rises it creates those wins that stimulates those winds and that makes the more powerful right what and as they gain force of course they capture the eye of various monitoring agencies who first assigned them a number as they are growing in intensity and then if they grow both in intensity and then cover the distance to habit it areas they acquire and name and basically every new year a roster of names is becomes available and hurricanes the acquiring name do so because they become a threat to the human communities right and they start with alpha right so the first one and they go all the way down although down and then certain names like Irma or Maria or Dorian or Katrina or you know Harvey we now have quite a list of them just in the recent period they they become historic and there those names are permanently assigned to tutor never real fascinating I want to go Google like do they have the name set up for this year or with who gets to choose that's national mailing Pheonix and atmospheric administration in a while and I don't think they they divulge their roster and he's delighted with them but they have tracked statistically they can't they have demonstrated now that hurricanes that are named after female names of course that was an innovation that came with the women's movement in the mid seventies until then there were no female hurricanes but now the NO a a has to be very careful in how they name hurricanes because people are less likely to evacuate for hurricanes named after women than they are for men wow that is a anything is less interesting so it would be great if you would be willing to wait to read a poem and this would be a poem from the blue full yeah this is what I call the title poem because the title popped out of me in this poem and became the title for the book in the exhibition it's called you want to tell them things say you reach with your grass stroking their feet you say this is a long story the unfolding of it or it's and it's up to you listen listen you say while they look and look casting your gentle touch to the wind you drive them away by hurricane you fling your sand from one side to the other you pull the fruit from the trees scorch every leaf rip out the lilies you raise the tide suck them in a little too deep again and again you pull down the dock but they returned none the less they're looking never stops you summon the clouds you shower them you tear at their clothes the air is thick with your voice guttural howling whistling you call in the raptors to feast on the song birds a ritual of carnage by full moon at perigee you hammer all night glaring you Stoke the sun burn their round faces eventually they go melting back into their blue falls the way of all the others you don't know if they learned your language or if they could even hear you on to the next guests you'll never hear them say our island is a shuddering microcosm speaking for the earth you'll never see this the fruit of all that looking with its hopeful stone what's come of them now in the flash after you that's great that was a poem called you want it you want to tell them things by Julie chase Daniel and that is part of the blue folder project that Matthew and Julie chase Daniel did together and will be up at this an exhibition based on the blue Ford will be up at the CCA opening at the CCA this coming Friday the sixth so in this poem who is the U. ugh you're the islands you tear them you talked you tell them it in every way you can what you've been subject to I see that makes sense that's great and so you have a website Matthew and there's information about this project the website is chase Daniel dot L. dot com and there are are some of your palms up on this website yeah some of them are in because with some of the images I think a little smattering yet and that there's some photos of for the exhibition at CCA we've printed three of our four of Julie's poems in large format on fox greater hung in the exhibition and they'll be a copy of the book there for people to read through if they want to also be audio recordings that people can access of Julie reading great I can you buy the book fair as well be available for sale sale at the CCA you can also find it thru axle contemporary through us and on Amazon that's great so you we were talking and the last segment a little bit about some of the other events happening in conjunction with the expression I know you said so Friday's the opening for five to eight and that's the contemporary center for contemporary art in the tank garage and then this Saturday right be a symposium and then a week later they'll be is I don't think it's a week later Saturday March twenty first from ten AM to twelve PM will be another arm chair symposium and that is the institute a representative from the institute for applied ecology and Emily will from the national parks conservation association and I think that's maybe when Kate Russell will join us also from the national parks arts foundation that's super interesting so who is a coordinated is that the education director engineer is in charge of the education department over there and just looking at other this series of of talks are they free they're not free no but you go to the CCA website at CCA Santa Fe dot org and there should be information there where you can sign up I will be doing the workshop yeah so will be on Saturday may ninth which is right before the end of the show we'll be doing workshop up at the Randall Davey Audubon center crew CCA and Audubon where will take a small group of people up the canyon and observe plants along the way that sounds terrific work doing both photography and writing about the plants and and where can people signed up for that we only have a few seconds left us that'll be at CCA's okay great I want to go sign up for that and when we get back I'd love to talk to you about your project that's of involving the border wall when you guys have been going down to the book at the border and got back from our fifth trip so far since November yesterday morning and we'll look for drinks and great and will also will be of course but talk about Axel yeah sure so you're listening to coffee and culture here and K. T. R. C. and speaking with Matthew and Julie chase Daniel and we will be back in just a few minutes hi this is Lee have been sent to president of the marketplace interest rates are the lowest they've been in over a decade if you're thinking of purchasing a home or refinancing now is the time as a mortgage broker.

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