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He was talking to another student saying, you know, you guys just need to go back to Europe. The problem was and you know, we it was something about we've been here before and so on and so on and you have no right to be here. And the kid goes, no, no, wait a bit. What about the land bridge? We all came from Africa. I'm paraphrasing the kid, but that's pretty damn close to what he said. He's like we all came from Africa. We all came right? And we know this scientifically now than we all came from Africa. And he's saying this, and he's pointing Hof at the black Hebrew Israelites, and he's talking to one of them right there. That's that's just Bs. Oh, yeah. I've I've actually had native American activists. Now, tell me that the land bridge is a myth that it didn't really happen. It's been proven that. It's not real. And they they were that that basically, I'm prejudice. And believes that only Abraham MC religions are true and their traditions are true. And they were created from the earth by the sky spirit or whatever their tradition is. And that I'm prejudiced because I believe that my religion is true. And there's isn't well, what is the benefit to them for not believing in the land bridge is the idea that they want to feel like they migrate. Their religious traditions say that they were created there and given the land and the land belongs to them. This is a gift from their gods and left Israel with the Jews. And that's not to say that every native American believes that no just like now, I've only had one attack me over that actually right there a dedicated race activists. I mean, like that's what they do is biz like the is get outraged about stuff, and that's that's a.

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