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That what it really is is their total inability to understand him he is not one of them he comes from outside washington dc is not a demonstration of the swamp and he's got a totally different way of running his business i e the west wing a totally different way of living his life trump has not lived his life as most politicians do i e faking this and faking that for this photo op in that photo op floated doesn't come back to haunt you're twenty years down the road there's no fawning us here compared to much of politics as owning people don't like about an and those of measure of phony in everybody in politics and trump isn't he is what he is and so this bizet's change around completely on immigration change around completely aren't guns maybe he didn't maybe he was sandbagging your chuck maybe he was sandbagging you and diane feinstein on immigration from the get go and maybe he sandbagging you on this gun business and on the tariffs much as i might not like him i don't know why people are vat surprised it was a campaign promise that he made he said he was going to do this and it was all part of the riff that he would get going on trade and how if if if if for other countries didn't deal with us fairly them and we're going to give michelle hence in if they didn't if they didn't take advantage of it he was gonna turn around and and and wreak havoc on them.

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