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City Hall, New York, Washington Square Park discussed on Glenn Beck


This crowd here right now is peaceful they have been marching around from city hall to each side of city hall chanting at police or and helmets and they've got their gear out includes things happen again tonight now they are in front of LAPD headquarters some taking a knee either chanting things like I can't breathe and no justice no peace this crowd has been growing but as of now it is peaceful in new York's Washington Square park without violence but we're just saying that it gets to the point where people get sick and tired when you're standing in a kneeling and that's all that your voice no matter at one point the NYPD chief of department took a knee with the protesters there and then hugged one of them the protests are in response to George Floyd's death by Minneapolis police last week a county medical examiner's reports as Floyd's heart stopped early was being restrained and had his next oppressed the findings are mainly consistent with an autopsy commissioned by the Floyd family because of death in my opinion it says fix Sierra due to compression of the neck Dr Michael Baden who performed the autopsy of the national capital region cyber intelligence centre issuing an alert saying in the last twenty four hours unknown entities have been spreading disinformation in order to fuel the violence you're listening to ABC news this straight insurance offices are open to serve you they've taken all recommended precautions from the CDC to serve the community you can also call eight eight eight five one one seven seven two two or go to S. straight insurance dot com checking on your drive this evening in Miami Dade would have construction on ninety five that's gonna be northbound.

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