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Might need to go back and re record that entire podcast interview because we'd be selling him short four nominees in the supporting actor in a comedy. Category there from ted lhasa. So that would be. I mean you know obviously people talking about splitting the vote. But i think his chances are going to be greatly boosted by the great season at the writers are delivering for. Roy can season two and along the same. Yeah i i think that probably he is the most likely winner of that group. And so i think that does benefit him but yeah. There's there's always the chance that there could be a four way split and that something wacky would happen. And you know i don't i don't know and i guess that is enough for me that that there's a tiny bit of mystery there along the same lines is going to be hannah. Wadden cam. do we assume it will. I mean probably. She seems like the most likely winner to me for the second season. She's clearly the lead actress on the show which might give genetic juno temple a chance to win next year. Maybe but i think it's this one is really and truly gonna come down to the to hannah's to hannah water. Hammon nine binder from hacks. I think i would probably vote for hannah. I'm binder but i'm not sure it's it's kind of. It's kind of tight because to me. Both the hand hands really probably should be in the lead actress. Category and juno temple probably should win for supporting so yeah. I don't know but it's going to be a lot of ted lasso. Yeah all right. So let's talk about the drama next so drama series bridgeton lovecraft country posed the boys the crown handmaid's tale demand laurien. And this is us. Who's your winner. Personal preference may be for lovecraft country just for its its audacity and it's wild highs and also for the opportunity for additional confusion regarding whether it was really and truly a one season show and should have been a limited series or whatever i think that probably lovecraft country's best chance of recognition as we discussed last week is gonna be michael kenneth williams and and i really hope he he wins. I mean it will not be. It will not be the moment that it should have been. It should have been a moment for the industry to embrace this person who everyone loves and instead it's going to be this very very sad moment of of regret and and tragedy But also of putting out in the world karmic comically the love that the industry. How for him. And so yeah. I think that's where it's best chance is going to be but in terms of actual winning one. Could i guess pretend to make the argument that because the in one all of those creative arts emmys it. It might have a chance to pull an upset. I think if you go back to last year you would discover that it also had roughly that many going into the final night and then succession one. So it's going to be the crown. And i think that that's fine. I i wouldn't be my pick but you know my pick would be a sentimental pick for pose but that i don't think pose is gonna win but i think i think you're right. I think the crown there. I think poses best chance is going to you know billy porter and i'm jay rodriguez and i think that i think billy porter has a strong chance and i think that. Mta rodriguez. i think she could slip in and dot could be a a bit of an upset regardless it would be a great moment and so that would be notable. It would also wouldn't surprise me if if podcast guest stephen canals one for writing. That wouldn't that wouldn't shock me. I can imagine that happening and so those would be sort of opportunities to recognize a well liked show with a tremendous amount of cultural impact. And so i i wouldn't. None of those awards would make me unhappy. However mixed i was on the final season of oppose. So but i suspect it's going to be the crown winning a lot of things. I feel as if we've been on this sort of roller coaster with ted lonzo in the crown winning all sorts of stuff throughout and they did just both win awards. So yeah that would. That would not surprising. Let's wrap up here. Dan limited series or anthology is this. I mean it to me. It's a tough categories. I may destroy you. Maravilla town the queen's gambit the underground railroad and wanda division. It's incredibly tough category. Because these are the most part the best shows on tv as opposed to anything in the other categories this this unlike all of the winds for the mantle. Orien- is one where i feel like. Probably all of the craft wins. Four queen's gambit indicate. The people didn't forget that that show existed and it had been a long time since that one aired to me. A lot of the technical wins that it got last weekend. Really and truly underground railroad should have have gotten. And i say that as someone who loved queen's gambit but you know queen's gambit is a beautiful looking show underground railroad is a breathtaking show it is a. It is a piece of art and so queen's gambit. Winning percent of autocracy to me was a little silly. A lot of the the sound awards. For example the queen's gambit one definitely underground railroad should have gotten so. I expect the queen's gambit is going to win. i think that there's at least a chance that kate winslet. I'm strong chance. Because she's kate winslet could win for merb'ys town. Instead of andy taylor joy and that would be a minor disappointment for me but i think kate winslet is great so yeah i think i think it's going to be queen's gambit i think if i had an actual vote it would be may destroy you and maybe michaela coal wins for writing and that would be. That would be something. I i would guess it's got frank is going to win for writing also. I think it's gonna be a lot of queen's gambit. I think it could be a lotta the crown and i think it's gonna be a lot ted laso flex at we'll we'll have more next week. After we see the.

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