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We are with Mary, Emma young. She's the head of communications for the pet food institute. I'm looking at the side of a can and this is how I pick my food when I look at the can and I see what the ingredients are. The first thing I'm looking for is a meat right there at the very protein right at the top. But so many of these foods have corn byproduct and meal at the top. What is really a specific and appropriate food for our animals. And I know it changes with their age and the type of animal. I understand that. Basically, what should we be looking for as a species specific food? My recommendation is, first of all, remember that ingredients just as they can be a little trendy in the human food realm can be a little trendy in the pet food realm. And sometimes an ingredient can get a bad rap that perhaps it does not deserve. Okay. So, you know, again, it might be deep as the first ingredient, it might be rice. It might be a meal. What's more important, again, in my view is that the nutrient profile is there. So your pet is getting the protein the fiber, the fat that that pet needs, and different ingredients can deliver that. And so it's really what makes you feel good. Well, you know, there's a lot of controversy now, and you probably certainly have heard that. And there's a lot of small, very kind of homegrown companies that are creating foods that are in particular raw diets..

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