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And if Ben is able to kind of recapture who he once Wass rededicating himself You know the Steelers Khun B. A force they could be formidable here. I don't know They're not as good as the Ravens are, but I think that they can be challenging to them. And I just I'm curious about Rafa's Berger because he doesn't have many seasons left. And Hit by all accounts, rededicated himself to be coming back. Better shape. Had a conversation with his wife about him to come back. I'm going to play. I'm not going to retire. Cause I was a pretty devastating injury to his throwing arm, and I'm really curious about Ben Roethlisberger. What's your thumb they'll take on the Cleveland Browns. They remember all the hype last year. We haven't talked about the much at all. I wasn't in on the hype last year, I'm in on the hype this year. The Browns will make the playoffs. And I will do a you guys want to do a wheel of punishment? Shower of shame. I'm more than happy to do that. If you don't think the Cleveland Browns will make the class I'm not going to say they're going to win the division. Yes, me club. You just burned us on a shower. Shame. Three days. You know I didn't get your burger is bad then and I gotta wait for the Blazers and the Lakers to play. And Cassie eating took the Blazers double or nothing to beat the Lakers in the next game. It got postponed his poly Jose, I think Sean's got a loophole here go. No, he doesn't think the game wasn't cancelled. It was postponed. I believe it was supposed to be that night. What happened? Yeah. Nice try. Yeah, 11. Now he gets Lillard back on the court for that game. Brilliant. I don't have fluid. It's a double or nothing. But if he loses, then he gets two pies to the face. And he doesn't know when he's getting those pots of playing chess made guys playing checkers? Yeah, the whole thing college football this weekend. Let's go. Pee Austin P versus Central Arkansas Saturday night. They're both ranked in the F C s rankings and I will be watching. I don't know what it's going to be like. I don't know if they're letting any fans in there, but I will be watching on Saturday night. We're going to talk to North Dakota State's head coach, Matt Ence. The reason I'm having money is North Dakota State a scheduled one game this season. Now, this helps them practices. Well, you get more hours if you're gonna have a season, so I think it goes from 12 to 20 or something like that. But he's got a great quarterback. And Trey Lance. Expected to be a first round draft pick, and this is a showcase game for him. But I think there's a lot at stake here. What if he doesn't play? Well, because right now he's he's in that little cocoon where you go. Oh, man, I'm here in this guy's great like he's done just enough to get on your radar. And not just enough where you go. Hey, I saw him. He's not that great. That's the perfect place to be. It's like the quarterback who like Dwayne Haskins. You know, Don't stay go. Mark Sanchez, you get to that point where you go, Cuyler Murray, Just go. You don't want to over stay You don't want Oh, you nomad liners stayed an extra year. And ended up dropping whatever 10 Levin spots there. You don't want to overstay your welcome in college football at that position. Then we'll talk Tio coach coming up here. Also. This is something that Roger Goodell And I'm sure the people on Park Avenue are discussing right now because we're 13 days away from the start of the NFL season. And by all accounts, everything is good. We have had the the NFL. Put this out. The NFL confirms zero positive covert test among players from August 12th through August 20th. Great news. There's one player on the Jacksonville Jaguars eyes. Ryan Pope. And he is in the Covad testing quarantine, but that's it. But here's the thing that the commissioner has got a trouble shoot here. And it is going to be a front burner issue. Jim Trotter, Great NFL reporter tweeted out. NFL owners should be careful. A few prominent black players are telling me they want to sit out a game to make their feelings felt and forced change slash action. They're tired, frustrated and emotional. It's only a few at this point, but sparks become flames in flames become infernos That's from Jim Trotter. 13 days away. What is your game plan? If you're the commissioner and the owners, and is there a chance, you're gonna have more key players who will sit out a game because There's a lot of pressure that's going to build on them. Hey, the N BA did this the W N B A Did this some players in the NHL did this. Some players in baseball did this Mookie Betts did this with the Dodgers? What do you going to do in the NFL? And if you're a prominent player in the NFL, how do you answer them? I think that's going to be a real topic here in the next Week to 10 days Really do Yeah, but I did notice one thing about this, so there's a lot of headlines out there, say Quan Barclay amongst Giants players talking about boycotting week one. He was He and Sterling Shepherd were asked about it in a zoom call. I can access all media access call wasn't announcement or proclamation. Bicycle on. Barclay is showing Shepherd they were masked. Would you guys consider not playing and they said they did not rule it out. He said. I can't speak on behalf myself in the whole league. That's something we're going to talk about here. He didn't say we have talked about it. We've planned this. We've Ah Had meetings about it. It was a response to a question more so than a declaration, which is not being portrayed that way in some media and do the Packers, in particular, feel added pressure the way the Milwaukee Bucks did. As far as all the teams maybe Yeah, I'm going. I'm going to say yes, I think it's a smart point to bring up. By the way, I brought up the Jets that they were surprisingly better than people remember my good friend Ethan, who does our stats? You guys know Ethan.

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