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We're coming to you from the Lou Fuse Automotive Studios here in Jupiter. Fourteen brands ten locations. See Fuse Dot Com Brian of the Cardinal Nation Dot Com and one of the things that he does is not only follow. What's happening in Major League Baseball? But certainly a primary emphasis. If you're a cardinal fan on the cardinal minor league system and there's something up on his site every single day on the young players and the future stars of tomorrow. Brian is always. It's always a nice of his with you. How are things hey great? It's finally great to talk about Minor Leaguers reporting this year with a schedule off says it is the major league players have been a camp for so long now in the minor league players are finally just being in this week so It's great we'll be able to talk about them. A little more based on their results on the field. And you'll be down here officially next week and officially the pitchers and catchers for the Minor League camp. They are here. The position players are here. They'll have a huge meeting tomorrow. With Gary Locke the entire Staff Mike. Scheldt will address the Minor Leaguers. So tell us about minor league campaign how it differs maybe for Major League camp those that have been following it. The last couple of weeks as you mentioned the pitcher in sketches reported on Monday and then Tuesday. They had their physicals. Then today the position players reporting and their physicals are tomorrow as long with along with orientation meeting that you mentioned and it's not only set the tone with the players for the year but also they look back and recognize all the all stars all the award winners that occurred across the system last year and they also announced special award among the staff. George Kissel award which is voted on every year by all the player development staff they pick the member of their group they feel had the greatest impact on the development process and so the Kissel winner for twenty nineteen will announce tomorrow as well so. That's a big deal and then Friday. They hit the fields and start their workouts in preparation for the first Camp Games which start on Thursday the nineteenth. It's pretty amazing. The Impact George. Kissel is had not just on the cardinals all a baseball. And we talk about him all the time on our telecasts on Fox sports midwest but it still has such an impact on the game today clearly with Mike Shield in so many others that George came in contact with it. It's just amazing what he did. That's right and and Mike. Among the many jobs Mike. Shell held before he became the manager of the Saint. Louis Cardinals as part of his broadening class is that that's part of this broadening work. Is that Mike? Show was minor league field coordinator and what that means among many other things as he ran Spring Training Camp for the minor leagues in extended Spring Training Camp. He Ran Instructional League. So yeah he was basically the guy in charge of everything that the players do and camp which personally at a high level in the morning consists of The players doing their straightening conditioning. Or they're stretching work And then the position players work on drills pitchers who work on drills as well The pitchers who aren't pitching in full game action would be throwing bullpen session. So there's a lot of preparation work done in the morning then typically in the afternoon at one o'clock on the backfield's and Kissel Quad Fields. Two through five is what they're called The cardinals play a series of games in with one hundred fifty seven players in camp. Now plus more coming down from Saint Louis later. You know there's plenty of guys who WanNa get on the field and show their stuff so there's four games typically going on at once. Let's talk about who runs this camp with all these players In that responsibility what happens there. Yeah after Mike show that they're actually his mentor and Mentor of of many of the coaches in the system marches. You mark this John. was minor league field coordinator but DJ had announced his intention to retire early so they could get a succession plan in place in Chris Walker. Who is a former outfielder in the system got all the way to Springfield before he had some injuries and he was a successful manager at Johnson City and at Peoria Chris Water now is the minor league? Qc system feel coordinator now this year. He is a minor league field coordinator. So Chris Walker is the guy who joined the camp with the help of course of all the coaches all. The managers pitching coaches a position player coaches as well as the two coordinators Tim Leveque. Who's the pitching coordinator and Russ Steinhorn? Who's the new hitting coordinator who's just joined the cardinals organization last fall? Let's dive into some of the players that are in this campaign. I'll start with John. Tory's Yeah John Torres outfielder and exciting player that came over and trade from Cleveland in July of twenty eighteen and Torres starting coast like very young guiding because eighteen at the time played extremely well in the Gulf coast like. He likes her basement. Malcolm Nunez was challenged with an assignment to full season. Peoria last May struggled in the Midwest League so back him off to Johnson City and he had a nice year. They're a good source of power. The interesting thing about John Torres says because he's been in baseball so long signed it sixteen he will be ruled five eligible this winter so the cardinals are going to be. I think motivated to move John Torres. Pretty quickly this year. If he can't so they can decide number one. Is he a guy that they wanted to protect or that they take another organization might come after next December about Malcolm at Nunez? Yeah communities talking about here and he was July second free agent signing twenty eighteen just completely toward the Dominican Summer League apart that year just a tremendous tremendous offensive beginning He followed basically the same path. That's tourists last year. A starting to extended spring training. Got A shot at Peoria. Didn't do so well. And then fell back to Johnson city. he is a third baseman. So you know another interesting guy along with of course No Gorman who's much closer to St Louis. Nunez didn't him as good of a year as spokes hope last year but he also was dealing with some injury. So it'll be interesting to see these. These guys both Tours Nunez or guys that I expect and I say fail miserably should be Some of the leaders of the Peoria roster to start the season trae Jin Fletcher. That's a name. I think that fans should probably keep an eye on your trade John Fletcher. The cardinals. Second round or last comes from Maine. Cold weather He was originally going to come out on the twenty twenty draft but decided to go in twenty nine eighteen instead and that was a rather late decision. A lot of organizations didn't get a lot of eyes on him. The cardinals gambled on him. He's a guy that has tremendous talent. But it's still very very raw. He had a.

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