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Conversation would say you're only as mature as the moment you became in regicide that's where you live the rest of your life to prove that you are correct this country was born during a period of regicide remember remember the fifth of November the gunpowder plot the men to murder the King James the first had failed that they kept addicts and they murdered his son after a trial for treason in sixteen for not quit it was wrong headed before they took his head but they kept that and during that same period our forefathers came to America to escape regicide this country is refuge from regicide no more an eighteen century Louis the sixteenth Louis the sixteenth sent money and arms and very good officers Russian bond to mereka to help the colonials push away the king and if we can do and they cut off his head so C. between adding off trials as had been kind of Lewis had America prospers but then we had our own regicide in eighteen sixty five you know the story I meant to kill Lincoln among many arrives in Washington and they kept at and they were successful we live with the turmoil of that moment today class and race and regionalism regicide it's a serious topic I understand too serious for a beautiful morning over the Potomac serious topic and now we come to impeachment the founders chiefly Hamilton and Madison wrote it in the federalist and we've kept abit this idea of an impeachment of the president three times it's happened once it would have happened impeachment is regicides we have frequent elections.

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