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Yeah wife's gone well i can't complain on nobody cares about your own wife and this is the offices were focusing on or folk were focusing on the office right now and i want to hop into kavan's coroner in this episode a little early to help into comes courtesy it busy is either way ways supplement require supplementary bet again and shield start with sidebar people should be looking forward to it for a lot of episode is that they actually stick around to a lot of the croats gripe say in two minutes we got kevin score coming up at let me tell you about the episode first and two minutes we got cava goes back to the beginning the hey guys chef gavin here and welcome to episode of the office hours want me chef kevin on this not a chance to differentiate from hollywood handbook little bit hey guys it's it's kevin bartell here at i'm on episode i cry like chefchaouen ceiling has i think i wanted to hear the fact that he's recognize that all for beheld moawad obama chef kevin hey guys chef gavin here and this episode of the office hours today we're going to talk about that surface hours the ultimate office recap podcast it today hey guys chef kevin here in today's up every hour on him hey guys chef kevin here comes out every hour it's this is gets for sees asked one day while hey guys chef kevin here and welcome to the office hours the ultimate office recap show every hour on the hour it's it's two pm in so that means we're going to be talking about the chile's episode were michael and jan have a big meeting at a chile's in about two minutes we're going to happen to a kevin's corner so look forward to that.

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