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Some front page news. Oh the green bay. Packers beat the lines thirty five seventeen. Did you watch the game. No why would i watch the game. Dallas cowboys waste under may still football now running back. He finished with four touchdowns one rushing and three receiving aaron jones. So congratulations to him. I don't watch much tv nowadays. I watch i watch marvel's what if when it comes out and I watched my show of course last week when it came on friday on comedy central at ten pm two guys on his troop. But i don't watch much. Tv when it comes back. i'll watch million dollar listing. Because i'm always into raising cain and watch raising canaan Can't wait to to be Starts wanting to twenty-six but i'm watching. Yeah that starts in another week. So i'll definitely check that out. Go front. i do watch those reality shows with the wife housewives of potomac housewives of salt lake city. Which is pretty good. 'cause lady got arrested food. That's a good wife is watching a great showed. I've been watching. I'm not all into it. Like she is but it looks really interesting. It's called I know. Mike colter is on it. It's it's like it's almost like they're living out biblical stories. But it's like in modern times. I don't know. I can't remember the name of it. Somebody knows let me know. Forgot all right. Now we gotta fill you on what's going on with Gabby petito brian laundry like yesterday. I gave it a story that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. They were kinda like nomads..

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