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Thousand twelve and for the most part two thousand thirteen his last two years in the league were not the same and as the reality of it and that just that changes the dynamic with them so they get a year of eligibility he tear it up for horrible the way he did in the pros absolutely okay lou news at number five all right patriots owner robert kraft in an interview with the athletic was asked about tom brady's contract situation saying quote he'll be forty one when the season starts neither side has an issue with it if it becomes an issue will deal with it day think it's interesting that he brought up his age oh yeah of course all well look i also think there's a little bit of ted attack going onto because if bill belichick has such a hair across his ass for alex guerrero then and they're the ones to bring up look at what tom is doing at this age because of what he's doing then i think the organization may be looking at it and saying well you know what he's going to bring it up his age is fair play and i think to me this is something that's been on crafts mine and we'll give you guys you know tidbit that i wrote about this week on this my understanding is when they brought josh mcdaniels back the courting of josh mcdaniels on that monday and tuesday after the super bowl had almost nothing to do with bill belichick and almost nothing to do with anyone in the organization other than robert kraft now i know bill belichick poked his head in the room i know jonathan kraft poked his head in the room but for the most part bringing josh.

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