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I want to remind you that. The sources that i mentioned throughout the episode will always be cited as we go on this journey into very complex complex this podcast centers around the history of environmentalism. And how we got to where we are today. I guess you can say we are getting to the root of the issue. The chief so always know that. When you're listening to this podcast it's going to be relevant research and resourceful before we get started. Feel free to find me. Follow me comment and share your thoughts on my instagram at. You can call me jackson. But that's only if you want to. You can also find our podcast to ground at the tree roots. Podcast now that that's the way let's get started in today's topic all of these diets we've been hearing about. What are they all about. You know what do they come from. So we're going to get into that today. Okay now listen what is also great. Podcast shot despite beamed sylvia. I love them as much. But otherwise ok not listen. I didn't know what to expect when i really started researching the charging of all these diets but to spoil it not really spoil it because we're gonna get into it. It's a ton of religion and a little bit a math like it's really surprising. I know it's interesting. I just need to get into it. But i really wanted to answer the question about being which really grow into popularity over my lifetime because it definitely wasn't a huge thing when i was growing up as a kid so i really wanted to know how it got started and how i got popular so after doing some research. I think i've found some good info on where it came from. So i think we should start with the popular one. Veganism and at times article about the history of veganism. They place the start of people using the word. Veganism in one thousand nine hundred eighty four. A british woodworker named donald watson was one who really started to use it since he didn't feel like vegetarian was a good description for his lifestyle since he didn't really consume any dairy or eggs on the vegan society website. They even detail how they came up with the word vegan it was explained by donald that the word is basically the beginning very letters and begin and the last two letters vegan. The g. a. n. was born from vegetarian. Which i think is very clever. Donald the definition of veganism basically comes down to this you avoid any animal products which can sometimes include avoiding leather and other animal materials. It is noted that this specific lifestyle choice of avoiding leather and materials from animals is typically one of the most strict dispersions of veganism as well as the least popular even though the word was coined in nineteen forty four. Of course their practice itself goes back way before this. they just didn't have a word for it. It was even linked back to ancient indian societies. Which i'll talk about more in a which brings me to the mother of most of these diets. Vegetarianism typically vegetarianism can be traced back to the fifth century in india due to religion. Hinduism buddhism and other religions all have restrictive diets because of their religious beliefs in nonviolence. So the definition of vegetarianism is simply not consuming meat. However vegetarianism is known for having their many subcategories like veganism. That's often based off of vegetarian. Diet can also be traced back to china and their inclusion of tofu in their food and similarly with pan which brings me to one of the most surprising discoveries research process. Here we go listen. Vegetarianism can also be linked to ancient greece right. Specifically the mathematician and philosopher. the factories. Remember the dude who created the geometric pythagorean theorem you went to school. Did the maths right. Remember as squared plus. B squared equals c squared triangles and hip hop news. That's this dude. His followers are noted for being one of the first self-proclaimed bit vegetarians. It is questioned if the guy himself was strictly vegetarian but either way. Many translations of his work have mentioned his abstinence from all meet moving on from the ancient tokyo times in eighteen forty seven. The first vegetarian society was founded in england. Three years later the american version was founded in new york city during this time many of the early meetings for the organization had very famous people. Ten like susan b. anthony from here the movement just kept growing. The first vegetarian church was founded which from the lifestyle to be even more responsible in spiritual now even though there is a specific. What's on the books such and for this episode. There is something not worthy about what the vegetarian looming contributed to the government. That i would like to tell you guys. So and nineteen thousand. Six upton saint clair published a very famous book titled the jungle. This book was all about the mi industry at the time and how it was very unsanitary. This book was basically an expose on the meat industry. So it's sparked of attention. It even sparked the us government to start looking into the meat industry so they had to create the peer food. Drug ac and the us food drug administration literally the same year. So thanks vegetarian. New meet for that one solid because now we have the fda which will regulate our meat and before then it was really just the wild wild west. So thanks for that. So let's take a quick pause and look into the fda because they're just as much a part of the meat industry as all of us and thanks to them. The meat industry and food industry in general was able to be regulated and become safer for every american before then like i said many food products were lacking regulation and sanitation checks. Which is why saint. Clair ended up writing the book on it. The creation of the fda really helped give regulation to most food products drugs and even make now disability was a later addition to the fda which was originally focused on agriculture. The federal food and drug act of nineteen o six really. Give them the power to regulate things since the amended their mission statement. The act was signed into law by president theodore roosevelt and was nicknamed the willie act after the founder of the fda dr harvey willie. Dr rally was sparked into this conversation as a kid missed because he was concerned about all the extra chemicals and preservatives. Our being added to food due to this the act really focused on enforcing labeling of all those ingredients and it could not be misleading. Also a mandated. Dangerous ingredients like all cocaine because this was in nineteen. Hundreds had to be listed this also relates to the labelling of meat products as well. So this whole act really helped. Fda formulate and regulate a lot better than before so. Thanks them for that.

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