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Dry here at Wdbo. I'm Tony Marino. Continuing team coverage. The Biden administration today preparing to unveil plans to come Combat domestic terrorism. Attorney General Merrick Garland will roll out a national strategy to fight with the intelligence community calls the elevated threat posed by domestic terror. Part of the plan includes more sharing of information among local, state and federal governments and better coordination between the federal government and social media companies. The plan calls for more resources to identify and prosecute threats. And new deterrence to stop Americans from joining dangerous groups in Georgia. There was a shootout today over masks. It happened in a Decatur supermarket. A cashier was shot dead after telling a man he had to wear a mask inside of the store. Police say the man, uh, traded gunfire with an off duty deputy who works at the supermarket. Both of them were injured. The suspect is a 30 year old Trevor Tucker charged with murder. Orlando Police say they've arrested a registered sex offender on first degree murder charges after finding a woman's body in the woods 55 year old James Gafford now connected to the death of 29 year old Caitlin Emery. Our body was found on April 21st near the intersection of John Young Parkway and Princeton Street in Orlando. PD says it was Gafford, who first reported the discovery of Emery's body. Efforts currently being held in the Orange County Jail without Bond. Orlando Police are also being urged to change how they interact with people in troubled communities. Bethune Cookman University Dr Randy Nelson met with the department yesterday to submit a report on how to improve relations in neighborhoods like Washington Shores and power more Dr Nelson suggesting more face to face interaction with residents and students for beginners. The Coast Guard in South Florida has made several major drug seizures crew members of the Qatar Tahoma yesterday offloaded drugs seized in three recent raids, including over £7500 of cocaine with a street value of more than $140. Million. Lockheed Martin Space, the division of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, which has a large presence here in the Orlando Metro, announcing today that it's working with General Motors to develop vehicles for astronauts to use on the lunar surface. Lockheed Martin space is developing the spaceship that will bring US astronauts back to the moon. In other business news, the Orlando Business Journal reporting that Long Island based firearms company Dark Storm Industries will build a new manufacturing facility in Brevard County. The $3.5 million project, slated in slated for Titusville will create at least 50 jobs with an average annual salary of $50,000. And yet more great food coming to O Town, Texas based Mu Yeah, Burger will open a new location in the O Town west Development at the intersection of Apopka Violent Road and Darryl Carter Parkway. Existing franchisees who own a mu? Yeah, Burger and south downtown. Are opening this location. The company says they'd like to add up to 20 Central Florida Mulya locations within the next few years..

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