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The eights on all news one of six nine and am seven forty KCBS KCBS news time ten twenty one a rural agricultural city in Merced county has moved to end all lockdown orders KCBS the Susan Kennedy tells us it's done so by declaring itself a sanctuary city for businesses that water is a city of thirty thousand people which went into lockdown mode with everyone else in the state preparing for search of coronavirus cases but as the weeks have gone by a large number of coronavirus cases and deaths hasn't happened near Paul Creighton says businesses were hurting but then there was hope because stimulus money was being released estimates when he was going to big corporations and not getting to all the people I needed to get to that's when we really start trying to figure a way how we gonna get through this how we gonna get around what the governors do it just because it's not fair that we're being treated like Los Angeles when were rural ag community and our numbers are nil so what they came up with was an ordinance declaring Atwater a sanctuary city from a state wide lockdown order which allows all businesses nonprofits and churches to re open despite possible retribution from the states that is a risk we took but we're willing to fight the people of this community lives are more important and you know some politicians affected NO threat in a near his advise business owners with state licenses like bars and salons that they could be punished by the state and need to use their best judgment about re opening Susan Kennedy K. E. C. B. S. S. researchers work to develop a coronavirus vaccine one bay area company is working on a potential vaccination that would be a pain free day CBS's Dan Mitchinson has the details it's not a shot but a patch that uses microneedles microneedles are so tiny you can hardly even to see the needles are so short they don't reach inner so it doesn't hurt how you feel this pressure that's Dr Daniel Henderson CEO of napa based burn dari he says once those microneedles penetrate your skin then medical adhesive attached as Maxine patch to your skin you don't feel anything it's like wearing a bandaid and after five minutes you take it off the vaccine is still in pre clinical trials but Henderson says the patches would be easier to administer than shots could be sent through the mail and would likely be less expensive of course there's a lot of competition out there right now to create a successful vaccine roughly a hundred thirty companies are in the running but Henderson feels pretty confident he's on to a winner I wouldn't be doing it unless I thought it was pretty good Dan Mitchinson KCBS.

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