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H iwin dot com The first thing we didn't know about Round one last night was the Niners plans for number three. They went with Trey Lance, not Mack Jones or Justin Fields Lands told Westwood one the found out basically when we did Probably about two minutes before you guys did on TV. Yeah, again. Just feel super blessed that they did that made those sacrifices for all the Mack Jones rumors. Predraft Kyle Shanahan says that came from outside the organization. And ever since then, I've kind of just watched every single person assume that that was accurate and that those weren't opinions. Those were facts and we don't feel that way from the beginning. I wanted, it said. There's no chance we want enough. We're gonna go to this process and we wanted I would never said it couldn't have ended up with his Lance In the end. The Niners also answered Aaron Rodgers questions last night with GM John Lynch, confirming he called Green Bay but was rebuffed immediately. GM Brian Gouda kun says they're not trading Rogers anywhere. With Rogers reportedly so fed up with the organization that he wants out. That drama ran side by side with the picks last night after Trevor Laurence to the Jags and Zach Wilson to the Jets and then Lance, the Falcons use number four on Florida tied and Kyle pits. The Bangles, then went with Ellis, you receiver Jamaar Chase. The Dolphins followed with Bama, receiver Jim and Waddle and the Lions picked Oregon tackle Panay Sul. No draft had ever started with seven consecutive pick from the same side of the ball in all 18 offensive players. Selected last night, one shy of the old time mark that 18 included the Bears trading with the Giants for number 11 to take Ohio State QB Justin Fields and Mack Jones lasting until the Patriots at 15. After passing on Fields and Jones last night. The Panthers have picked up their fifth year option on Sam Donaldson's No guaranteed $18.9 million. For 2022. Vintage Kevin Durant last night in the Nets, 1, 31 13 Women Indy 42 points and 10 assists for head coach Steve Nash. Very, very impressive. I mean, you look at his line Could I say I got the luxury of coaching Kevin Durant and stick him in the game, and Hardaway Jr also scored 42 last night is the Mavs one in Dallas 1 15 1 of five with Lucas sitting out with a sore elbow and Kevin Porter Jr put 50 on the Bucks in the Rockets. 1 43 1 36 when Johannes left after 46 seconds After twisting an ankle, the Dodgers losing in Milwaukee to one, they've dropped eight of 11, the Cubs and 93 win in Atlanta, and the Rangers beat the Red Sox for one. Some college football news This morning. Kansas has hired Buffaloes Lance Leopold to replace Les Miles Leopold is a two time Mac coach of the year. His bowls made three consecutive bowl games. And the Pittsburgh Penguins in the postseason for the 15th consecutive year. They clinch with last night's 54 OT win over the cabs to also claim their spot, but for just the seventh season in a row Go back to you, My very tall friend Andrew, Bogus and Andrew. Bogus on Twitter. Thank you, buddy. We will talk to you in an hour. Your bogus reference to talk about it. Let's get into Aaron Rodgers and the unlikable reality that his self absorption, at least as it relates to how he's conducted himself at critical points of his team season in the NFL schedule doesn't matter. Doesn't matter if he's the bad guy, or if I'm totally misreading this, and he's just playing power politics because he can. The only distinction that matters is he's an old world talent who is still capable of being the bastard one of the best quarterbacks in a game to find by quarterback play and the Green Bay Packers and the idiot to run it better start to figure it out. We'll dive into that next here on CBS Sports Radio. As the cove in 19 vaccines become available, You may be asking yourself Should I get it? Will it help me get back to doing the things I love like meeting friends or traveling? And can I do it.

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