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Is there was he reaching out in, like a clearly, like with an arm bar that was. Like going to prevent his arm to to go down. No. But Irvine's sells it. He tries to come up and bring his arm up through Dion arms. Basically urban was like the original harden. Yes, one hundred percent. He was the football harden. It was the football and it's like, look man. And I guess if you're gonna use that logic, maybe you say, okay we'll like parking technically got the contact and maybe you should throw the flag. But the same time it doesn't feel good rewarding that, so I totally agree. Now the other thing too is that the game that, that wouldn't have resulted in a score necessarily, and they were still down by ten. So a lot would have had to have happened for that game to change. But I do think that non-call was was a bit of a turning point. But it wasn't so much so that it would have like it wasn't like they were going to take the lead with that in the end zone or something like it is funny to contrast that though, with the call that rice, basically got just by asking for it up the sideline there was fucking. No, no, there was no contact at all. And he started raff. Bitching about it in the fucking gets the flu. Lag and it's just like oh, man. That is a star called there. And I can't say that the reps were inconsistent in letting them play because war were there are a lot of late hits, and a lot of late swings and a lot of things where you're like, like, and it happens, like right in front of the raft. And the ref does not throw a flag, and they were punches thrown in front of a ref, and there were, there were not flags thrown and you're just like, wow, okay. It was just it was it was different man. You see court. I mean both quarterbacks getting hit much later than, than is acceptable today like there would have been what felt like a dozen flags for roughing had and the one roughing that they called was complete horsh, it, it was a yeah. Was like Rickey Jackson coming by swiping kind of in the direction of barely like grazing. The helmet it was a twenty nineteen penalty. Yeah. That one was like that would and that was twenty nine thousand nine penalty that you'd be pissed about still and like that of all the one gets called. But like there, there were so many other plays like. There was this one where Aikman's like is able to flip it out to his check down. He's almost all the way down almost to his young and then get somebody coming in right after that. And just like bending him the other direction, look super Pertile, but it was like, yeah, he got this ship it out on the net game. Bryant young is one of my favorite forty Niners. And he played a really good game against the Cowboys. And there was one time where I was like, damn, I don't remember Bryan Young being that mean because it was he took two steps hit yet in right? And that's dropped him. It was well after like there was like, if felt like they had like a five second grace. Just like you can get there, man. Fucking get him. Yeah. It was it was a different game. And it was way different. And I for one, I'm kind of glad that quarterbacks have to go through that. And that we can have these play for quite a bit longer. But Holman they were the refs were letting them play. Yes. And in that context, I think the PI is not as grievous I think if we look at that with, with current is probably is in one thousand nine hundred four I think it's dubious but the way those rats called the game I think they would letting them play. I think another call to, and this is I'm interested. We talked about this very briefly before, but we kinda saved a lot of it for this one as I was going through. So this also could have been potentially a big turning point is the force fumble from Eric Davis. So the first drive first Cowboys drive, you get the pick six from Davis. The second one ends with Eric Davis, forcing a fumble on Michael Irvin, and I don't know. Man. I think like. Maybe not pre maybe not twenty nineteen twenty eighteen I guess that might still be a fumble. But like.

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