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I the name of the game is rain you can thank me for leaving the country when the rain began did it not actually began on wednesday july fourth day was that during the day about right before sundown all right so for the most part i'm guessing people got in their festivities lord yes before the rain hit i know we had one point seven something on wednesday alone which is half of the average july total and then my understanding is it ran depending on where you were scattered showers thursday friday saturday yesterday and this morning the rain began to pull off at ten to come into the parking lot and i was stuck in my car for ten minutes it was coming down so hard in the parking lot was so flooded i couldn't get out of my car and are still scattered rain around the city i've seen some lightning off in the distance here and there this and we've got like fifty percent chance of rain today and a decent chance of pop up scattered showers through tomorrow and then we're back to hot exactly that's not bad the hope that it continues and then you have your nba free agency whose butthurt that tony parker is gone i'm sad not butthurt now are you sad i was at first but now i've kind of come to grips with it i understand it you of all people should have seen it coming yeah i mean we all knew that he was not going to sign with the spurs no because we knew that he could make more money somewhere else in the same thing with kyle anderson yeah by the way that's over kyle anderson is now a member of the memphis grizzlies four years thirty seven million nine million dollars nine and a quarter million dollars a year spurs were ready to give him five yeah give him nine and marco bellin elliot's back yeah that happened the day before we left for and we immediately i call up all my friends i think that's like three phone calls and they came over and we all jumped in my pool in the backyard and we played marco that's that's a big addition because he got even better after he left the spurs last year and philadelphia he was very very important to them and i think he's going to be great great to have him back but tony is gone and we'll talk about that coming up president is scheduled to announce his supreme court nominee during a prime time address tonight's scheduled for eight o'clock san antonio time we'll take a look at the short list which right now it looks like it's four individuals free guys and a woman san antonio i news national correspondent michael bauer has the details coming up in twenty minutes a man was killed overnight when he was hit by a car as he walked on the access road of sixty four between housman and bandera on the northwest side the local tech industries as a new nonstop flight to be announced today to oakland is a major boost for local tech texas farmers warned that the tariffs imposed by president trump could lead to the demise of many family farms and ranches also coming up at six thirty tonight is the night president trump announces his pick for the supreme court w away i news time six twenty now traffic and weather together from the precision.

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