Jay Jay, Analyst, Jake discussed on The Lead with Jake Tapper - Bronx-Lebanon hospital shooting: Doctor kills 1, wounds others, Plane crashes on busy highway, Pence-Kobach voting commission alarms states with info request


And also had some sort of idea on him identification on him as well apparently jake one of the witnesses describing what was seen inside describing a blood on the walls blood on a on a staircase at the facility as well so as a horrendous seen there at the hospital and you also have to imagine what investigators are dealing with but the hospital the selves the folks who work there not only do you have an active investigation going on there but you also have hundreds and hundreds of patients that need to be treated as well there at the hospital but once again five other victims of we were told three of them are in serious condition with gunshot wounds one victim deceased a shooter deceased as well jay jay's girl thank you so much joining me on the phone right now is cnn law enforcement analyst terry houthis us also retired nypd detective and harry obviously the information we're getting is fresh and worse still expecting a whole bunch more information and obviously also a lot of the early information that we get from law enforcement officials on the record an offtherecord is later amended or corrected as the larger areas to gatien takes hold but with all those caveats in mind as a detective if you came upon the seeing you see a shooter who has taken his own life and next to him is the body of a woman wh what is the operating presumption to where the investigation would star.

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