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And these guild of a machado the better feel the better well what would you rather have a ton fraser and third and taurus at second or machado at third and whoever at second whoever second yeah i i want machado peak lose uh i know the yankee will be too much right hand it but but these are not talking about regular i had the hidden so uh yeah i think they gave uh any uh any decent pictures though hit uh i think is no brain of a there's no way baltimore here has gone to trade directly to the yankees in the way now the you're you're you're right because the the one side is he's not going to do it the sam bases gonna go go crazy is sending him in his vision and we're gonna see him all the time from a business standpoint we might get four prospects who could all be allstars that we control for a while he's these these a cheap guy so we're getting talent the stock at a cost established for awhile or do we say no and we we send uh machado elsewhere and kno get the same kind of package at the yankees are offering here there might be other team they really want him they don't have the depth that the yankees have like we can give you our best prospect but that at all we got the next geiszer you'll class able there are ways away let's go to david in brooklyn david you're on the fan yeah hi tony you know it's good to talk to you right now it's uh i have a few things to talk about it's an array not david jerusalem that you know what tony and used to be when i was back in brooklyn boom and car and then the morning getting me through the morning now it's totally page so you know after you share it's good it's good so i wanted to talk a little bit about the yankees first thing i wanted to talk really about chance to have but frazier i want to back up he watch i'm a few reasons the astros ed carlos stuff dropped last year be not necessarily did he played that well for them he's a leader datino leader adding it's crazy to.

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