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The fourth, two thousand and it was a simple visual basic script virus, which would Ford itself to the people in your dress book. But what was clever about it was the social engineering. And that's what got people all around the world to open it. And the social engineering was the subject line, which was I love you and in the body of the Email, it said, candy. Read the attached love letter coming from me. And if you received that Email from that cute Gallini accounts department, you were going to click on it. 'cause you'd think this sounds good for few received it from your boss? It was too sexy, you were going to open it. Should this, this him, joking, you think, or you'd think this is gonna be discontinued so juicy, he's gonna crush or whatever it is you were going to open it. On the words system, it's irresistible and the words I love you are unstirred around the world. It's not. You don't even have to be an English speaker. You know the words. I love you. Whatever language you speak. You hear it all the time in the movies. I love you. That was the genius of it, and it spread around the world like wildfire. And unfortunately, I didn't have sufficient computer criminals in the Philippines and the guy got away with it and he's, he's never been punished. What kind of damage did the love bug did? Well, it just generated enormous amount of Email and it spread an clogged up Email systems and just, you know, just huge amounts of Email being spread around. It wasn't designed to do any damage in terms of damage to your computer, but what many people forget was it was that she. Designed to steal a piece of information from you because Guzman had developed this piece of malware with the intention of doing it as a project for his college, and he proposed to his college thesis. He said, what I want to do is I want to write a program which gives people cheaper, internet access and Richmond. The college was very keen on this until he explained he was going to do it by writing a virus, which stole people's internet use names in password, which yes would get you cheaper internet access, but may not be completely ethical. So the college let him write it, but then he wrote it on his own. He released it. So millions of millions of computers around the world are infected by this virus and it is going into their settings and it stealing their internet access that dialup names in passwords. We want dial up them. We weren't really on broadband and it was sending them to Goodman in Manila in the Philippines. Now this is the year two thousand in the Philippines. Can you imagine what is internet connection was like. Richie Paul and he's now got tens of millions of computers around the world all trying to send him that use names impasse would so hit affectively Denali service himself. I miss. Own-goal that's definite ongoing. Although do you know they actually made a movie is a movie of the Rome comb or something. I've never seen. Unfortunately, I think it's cooled. I love you. Peo- Pierce. I love your something come in, but they did get an American style and there is a movie out there all about a couple who fall in love because they received the, I love you virus and there's a misunderstanding or something like that. Some good came out of it. Graham, that was an amazing talk. Thank you very much. I, I laughed so much interviewing somebody on such a somber Summerbee's of. This one things are trying to because it can be such a joiner detail picking. I think if we're going to get people interested in this into care and protect themselves has to be acceptable doesn't it has to be something like getting a pound. So if you can make people laugh until some funny stories, I think have some. All right, children. Thank you very much. Weekend seventy by. That's it for this episode, a big, thank you to Graham clearly you can follow grams blog on Graham clearly dot com. Listen to his podcast, the smashing security podcast, and follow him on Twitter at at g..

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