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Innings on WTMJ. Dr. We are tied at two. That cleared the barrier. Six four brewers faulted the Phillies in the series opener. This brewers extra earnings on WTMJ map. Paulie Craig ca Sean with you four one four seven nine nine one six twenty. The accurate mortgage talk text line, or you can tweet at map Pauley on air. MIT P A U L, E Y on air Craig Scott tweets and I thought this was going to be a bigger topic of conversation, and maybe it will be, but Scott asks, what were our thoughts on the delayed steal rundown play with runners on the corners going on to say it seems out of character for the brewers to try play like that given the roster of homerun hitters that entire the brewers were kind of out of out of character throughout the entire any data hit and run earlier in that inning which worked to perfection, and actually came up to you. And I said that a hit and run that we just saw, and it was, and it worked out perfectly. But then they continue to try to be aggressive, and they ran that play to try to kind of steal run. On, we'll run Craig counsel's game comments in a bit. He said he would do that, again, that it took to perfect throws by the Phillies for them to be able to execute the out. But that any was not exactly a normal character any for the brewers. Yeah. And real mutual behind the plate, a pretty good one, obviously, catching wise to, to make sure that execution doesn't come into favor for the brewers in that one. But once in a while, I think they need to try some things, and I think sometimes they'll, they'll, they'll come in bunches that way. And I think seeing what we did that particular inning, you know, you'd like to say I'd like to see more of that. I mean it was it was a risk there, maybe in a close game. But, you know, sometimes you have to try to bust things up a little bit. And you know, one thing this team has done it. It's gone into, you know, during games has gone into almost many hitting slow. Slumps. And maybe, maybe there was a sense of something going on. It it's a tough one to explain because let's face it, we all understand this you and I and all our brewer fans understand that was of character. So it's hard for you and I to justify what happened or explain what they're thinking was at that point Craig telling us. I hate to tell anybody how to think but I kind of 'em here if you are in the, the, the belief structure that the brewers need to do more things like hitting and running more often than I don't think you can be upset about the way that, that third. The, the, the outplay went on, on the run down in the delayed steel, and everything. Because that was all kind of it was all sort of out of character and doing things a little bit differently. And it's a great example of for the people out there. That say the brewers need to bunt in the brewers to put on hit and runs in the brewers need to be advancing runners and pushing the like all all the small Bali sort of things. Well, that ending is a great example of how it can both work and how it can both not work. And you know what at the end of the day they didn't score a run. Right. And also, add this good point. But also at this, you have to pretty good baserunners in that situation. Have brought it. And he had yelich at third. They both have speed. They both have a lot of experience running bases in this league and a lot of success. So, you know, they didn't mess around with, you know, somebody who can't get the job done. Let's put it that. Absolutely. I Jacob Manami falls is giving us call. Hey Jake, you're on WTMJ. Hi. How you doing? I'm really excited with I know even pull off the wind tonight. But I thought we had a great opportunity to be able to do that. But. Looking at the future, we have catching here coming up. And I'm just wondering what our next options are for a new prospects. I knew we have a pitching prospect remembered name, but we also have Korea Ray who's being activated recently. So I know we'd like to make a lot of moves from the majors minors. So I guess, to know what the future has in store. Some of the appreciate phone call. Some of the guys who are kind of on the doorstep that will probably see at some point this year. Marisha devan is another guy AAA who will probably see Zac Brown is the top pitching prospect. He there's some consistency issues with him right now. Aaa I don't I don't know. I told you two weeks ago. He was a lot closer to being the big leagues. And I would tell you right now, drew Rasmussen is another player has just been zipping through the system. I think he's going to make his major league debut this year. He somebody outside of that. I don't feel like there's any top prospects that are really just knocking on the door right here, here is here already and could be a back and forth type candidate. How's your same thing already this year? And they were he was probably top of their list for, you know, first to arrive here this season, as far as pitchers go, and Corey raise been he's on the injured list, and he's gonna be out for quite a while believe. He's got a jam to finger thumb. Yes. All they put them on the Andrew. Up to six weeks, potentially. They've tried to play through it. But I mean imagine trying to play through that. And then the next thing you know, you're going to be out for a month and a half, so straight. Right. So that's this is a little bit different right now. Look, this is the this is the cost of getting Christian yelich of making the moves that the team made last year. Both July thirty first and August thirty first there is some depth of high level prospects in the minor league system that does not exist the way it did eighteen months ago and you've got guys like Santana in Brockton who exhausted their options. So they had to trade them away and try to kind of regroup with that. And part of that regroup has been Ben gamble, and he's a different type of player than those two were, so there's a different dynamic going on. You're right about that. And you know, if guys, you know perform at their level rate now we've talked. About this. You know, a lot this year there there's been a couple of spots here where I think this team still trying to figure out, you know, who's gonna wind up where I think, you know, first base still isn't totally solidified Shaw's still out at this point trying to work his way back. So you know there there's still some issues here that they may not be able to sell from their minor league system. Six four brewers fall to the Phillies Jimmy Nelson stick around at triple AAA for a little bit. We'll talk about that next here on.

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