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On the cover of GQ this week. She's on the cover of GQ. Now she's extraordinarily radical. She hobnobs with anti semites, and backs their play. She is a socialist, throwing through, like, identifies as such, and she is the future of the Democratic Party. According to GQ. And this is like a perfect confluence this article. It's also written by Wesley Lowry, who used to write for The Washington Post until they said, you know, you're so openly partisan. You can't be a reporter. He's like, of course I'm openly partisan. That's called truth. So now he's writing the profile piece on Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. And the entire piece is about what a victim she is. She's a super giant victim you see, who's using Congress as a platform for her to be on the cover of GQ. GQ is a fashion magazine. GQ stands for gentlemen's quarterly and so does this have to do with politics or does this have to do with image making? She's like, she is the apex predator when it comes to the merger of celebrity and politics. Let me read again. The preconditions to the destruction of American institutions from Yuval in, right? Here are the elements. You ready? The lure of cynical distance and I'm playing the outsider. That is literally her entire stick. I'm an outsider. I have to lead a movement that systems of politics are two are to confining for me, the celebrity of culture. People using the institutions, not as molds, they're out of shape their behavior, but as platforms that allow them greater individual exposure. And enable them to hone their personal brands. There's nothing that says personal brand more than being on the cover of GQ in very expensive clothing. So she put out on her Instagram this statement quote, I'm back after some rest time. She was gone? Really, I didn't even know, because she's so unbelievably ubiquitous. To tackle the issue of gender and politics, GQ decided to take some big risks, so risky, so brave, so gutsy. It's such a big risk to put AOC on the cover magazine. No one's ever thought to do that before. But why do Republicans care? Why do you keep talking? Because they keep putting her on magazine covers despite her zero legislative accomplishments and her idiotic Instagram page videos where she sticks her face in a bowl of ice. That's why. You're the ones who elevate her and put her on magazine cover. Me pointing out that she's not a magazine cover is not me starting the issue. It's you starting the issue. You make her an icon and then when I point out that you've made a bubble head and icon, then suddenly you're like, wow, you can't notice that. Why are you noticing that? The singularly unintelligent and unimpressive legislator. She says, to tackle the issue of gender and politics, GQ decided to take some big risks and feature their first female politician on their cover. Interviewed by one of the most prominent young black male journalists and top journalists period of our time. Wesley Lowry. Again, was kicked out of major publications for being a biased left winger with two legendary trans icons, photographing and styling the images. Wow, well, I mean. Huge news, guys. They're not just trans people. They are trans icons. Who photographed and styled her how so many people to serve the celebrity. The fight to restore abortion rights needs more than a few good men and a lot of good work ahead. So men, let's talk. In the article itself is just a fawning piece of absolute tripe. It's amazing. It doesn't

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