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A on your home of the Colorado Rockies K away news radio back here on Rocky's Q and a counter. Joe is our guest and Counter after being a first round pick some ups and downs, um in various organizations, um, in the E think it was 2019 season you get traded late in spring training to the Giants and get thrown into the mix almost before he even met all of your teammates. Yeah, that was a crazy spring training. I spent the whole spring with the Cincinnati Reds. I was going about my business and because I was with the rule five. I knew how to make the team. They made some some moves. Late in the off season and kind of saw the window closing there so Um, didn't see much of an opportunity. And, um Yeah, I got traded to the Giants. A week later, I was making my first opening day start in San Diego. And while the time unfortunately because I think in many ways the Giants were going through their their own period of uncertainty. Um, it was real briefing in in baseball terms. To have something decided in really just a couple of weeks. Span is is difficulty. How did you deal with that? Hey, I've gotten to the big legs and Room. All of a sudden, I'm scrambling again. Yeah. You know what, Jack? It was really tough because I was just trying to get Settled in with the organization are still learning people's names around the clubhouse. And obviously didn't get off to the start that I wanted to and Yeah. You know, I got a d a fade back to the Dodgers. Um, but, you know, I am grateful to the Giants for them giving me that opportunity, and I did learn a lot and it's stuff that I'm using. Help me now. So I am grateful for that opportunity and all the things that I learned. So you go back to the Dodgers organization and I don't know off. Not having the numbers right in front of me if it was your overall best year as a minor leaguer, But you certainly had a very solid year in 2019 and had to be anxious as you left for spring training and 2020. Yeah, 2019 was a great year. Like I said, I use those things that I learned with the Giants throughout the minor league season. Put up some good numbers and, Yeah, I was really excited about the 2020 year. So in the in the midst of spring training in an early moment, um A potential disaster hits as you're diagnosed with testicular cancer, having had two bouts of prostate cancer. I have some great empathy with you in terms of what happens when the news first comes to you. Take us through the process where they're you know. What were the signs? How did it unfold for you in those first few days? Yeah, it was. It was really, um, early on in spring training. Probably the third day we had our physicals. Um, coming off that off season, I was Feeling the best I've ever felt My swing felt as good as it ever has in the physical, you know, Exam room. I was with the doctor going through the normal stuff that we do every year. And he was doing the physical exam downstairs and So something abnormal Fine. Don't think anything of it. He didn't think anything of it either, he said. Usually You know, it's usually assist s. So we got further examinations and at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale was diagnosed with testicular cancer. So when the diagnosis came, Is it certain? You know it For my case with prostate cancer, Sometimes they watch it. Sometimes they go after it, depending on things. And, of course, usually it happens to Much older men. Here you are in your twenties with this diagnosis was the recommendation do immediately have the surgery. How did you play that out? Yeah. No, there was really no uncertainty about my case. Um, the blood marker. The tumor markers were all elevated. The ultrasound was abnormal. So all the all these components kind of added up and were consistent with The diagnosis of testicular cancer, So I came back home to San Diego got a couple of their, um, opinions by doctors and We felt comfortable with U C l A medical doctor. Let one who is the head of urology over there is Amazing, eh? So we created a team at U C l A and got to business right away. So you you undergo the surgery and you had to have chemo treatments as well. How long did the entire process last for you? Yeah. So I went surgery right away in March and then three months of chemo. So the whole process What happened? I got diagnosed February 20th. And then I got deemed cancer Free July 20. So exactly five months it not a great feeling. Oh, my God. It was amazing. It really was. Yes, indeed. That's for sure. Um s so once you're deemed cancer free. It doesn't mean your bodies. Back to where it was. And we think of Chad Bettis of former Rocky who went through just what you went through. Did you feel like Hey, I can come back and get to be who I was. Yeah, Absolutely. I had no doubt my mind. Um You know, the chemotherapy really did wipe me out. Um, but throughout the whole process, I was still working out my garage. I'm staying active. Um I just I just have that feeling in my heart that I knew I was gonna come back. You know, obviously the support from my family the support from my wife. There was no doubt and I'm happy to be here. Yeah, well, we're happy to have you and one thing we have to pass along of people didn't know as often happens with With chemo. I mean, you're gonna lose your hair and course. Now you've got the great flowing locks and Bud was saying the other day that Connor said Yeah, you know, after being bald gotta let the freak flag flying out, right? Yeah. You know, I did. I was bald during the treatments and It kind of grew back a little curly. So his first time ever had curly hair. Um, I figured why not? Why not Let it grow, You know? Yes, Indeed. We are visiting with Rocky's first basement counter. Joe, We're going to take another break. Come back. Spend a couple of more minutes with the Rockies first baseman here on the cake away. Rockies radio Network. PDC Energy, is a proud sponsor of the 2021 baseball season. PDC Energy is an oil and natural gas producer based right here in Colorado, employing hundreds of.

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