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World. Here's Dan Schwartzman. Thanks Dag. Three major upsets occurring at Wimbledon in the women's draw as fourth seed Sofia Kenin loses her second round match to fellow American Madison Brengle. Citta Bianca and Rescue falls to trade sets at least Cornette on 90 Belinda bench which loses Takaya Juvenile. Notable winners include two seat arena said Bellanca, third seed Elina Svitolina. Seven. Cdd Grocery Antec eight. C. Kelly, No Pliskova and 11 seed Garbine Muguruza taking a look at the men's draw top seed Novak Djokovic, winning his second round match in straight sets over Kevin Anderson. Others moving on include 15 Andrzej Ruble, have seven seed Matteo Bertini. Ninth seeded Diego Schwartzman tensely Dennis Shape oval off who wins in a walkover along with Kane chicory in American Frances Tiafoe After an 18 month courtship sources are reporting that Manchester United in Russia doorman have agreed to a £72.9 million transfer fee in principle for winger James Sancho. The 21 Year old has agreed to a five year contract will take a medical before signing the deal. The N C. Double a board of directors suspending rules prohibiting student athletes from profiting off their image name and likeness. Athletes will now be able to sign with agents and make money sounding autographs, monetizing their social media as well as profiting off of advertisements. Finally, some good news to the Milwaukee Bucks heading into Game five. The Eastern Conference finals as two time M v P. Janice Santa to Campo does not have structural damage to his left knee after landing awkwardly in Game four. I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg World Sports update Markets Headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day at Bloomberg com. Bloomberg Business at and Bloomberg Quick Take. This is a Bloomberg business Flash equities in the APAC region right now are a little weak not by much. In Tokyo, For example, we've got the Nikkei down about 1/10 of 1%. We're seeing weakness among communication services. Also information technology stocks weaker in the Japanese session. It's kind of interesting because it's not unlike what we had here in the states. There was weakness in information technology that sent the NASDAQ composite down about 2/10 of 1%. Although on the positive side in the U. S. We had energy and industrials Moving higher and that helped do you send the S and P. 500 to a record with a gain of just about 1/10 of 1% 40 to 97. If you're keeping score at home now, in terms of echo data. Some of the numbers that we've had for areas of the eight pack region have been disappointing. The BOJ reported that its June large manufacturing Hong Kong this is the index reading of 14. That was a little disappointing. The street was looking for 16. And for Australia the I H s market June manufacturing me a reading of 58.6. But that is down from the number of in May, which was 60.4. So if you look at the equity price action now in Sydney, the ASX 200 is down 1/10 of 1%, meantime and sold the cost Be weaker by about 4/10 of 1%. Not a lot of movement in the bond market. U S. 10 Year treasury in the Tokyo session has a yield of 1 46 bear in mind will have the employment report due Friday morning here in the U. S. Special coverage. 8 30 AM Wall Street time here on Bloomberg Radio. Quite a bit of dollar strength. In the New York session. The Bloomberg dollar spot Index was up 4/10 of 1%. And for the month of June, the Bloomberg dollar spot rose 2.3% right now, first day of July in Asia, and the Bloomberg dollar spot is up. 1/10 of 1%. We'll have more on markets in 15 minutes. Global News is next. Ted Baxter is in the Bloomberg 9 60 newsroom in San Francisco. Ed Yeah, Douglas this.

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