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Feed presented by burly chords three locations in northern Kentucky barley corns get over here quick thought on video gate I I think that's all I have the the strength for it and then I want you to hear something Dave Lapham said last night the progress more calls one I I ask this earlier I wonder how many people actually care about the patriots in the video gate that would be my first question second question or or thought it would seem this could be cleared up if they simply showed us the video three why were they at that game considering I if if the if you're trying to mount a defense for the patriots of all games they were at the Browns Bengals game and the Bengals other next opponent which certainly seems fishy does it not why in there was a an advance scout their credential no big deal there was a videographer there allegedly doing this feature why war according to poll the jury of the athletic why was the video why did it include eight minutes of the bangles sidelines and the other thing I I don't get somebody have to explain to me in this is only because I I worked in TV if the videographer is in the press box in the scout is sitting in the first row who in their right mind below it why would you think anyone's gonna believe you were shooting footage or B. roll through the press box glass down on the field if you were shooting video for your future he would be shooting it through the press box window down on that you go down onto the field I mean nobody it just like taking a picture it I mean what what I stand here and take a picture through the window or when I go outside and take a picture of what I wanted outside so it made it makes no sense whatsoever that all wheel you're shooting video for the documentary what through the press box window down on it it is is stop four or five I've lost track I I think it's fair to say the patriots lost any benefit of the doubt long long long ago the two it would be fair to wonder why a team like the patriots needs to do this for a one in twelve Bengals team I I I get that six it takes a rather large pair a brass pair to try something like this if you're if you're really I just I I that's that's almost what makes it impossible to think they could really have done what they've done been penalized like they've been penalized in yet been soul just blatantly error again well the we're going to do it again we're going to do it this way quick they in point number seven conclusion they must be really bad it cheating if they've gotten caught again I just I I don't I don't know I just did the whole thing just confuses me like really seriously but it is the report from the American pollinator junior eight minutes of sideline footage let's not kid ourselves that's not in TV terms of B. roll that's not like side video to use during your documentary drop in for and it said and background final point of the bangles no this one will be specific on the bangles Dave Lapham last night Bengals line we we do it from Paul Brown stadium and I thought this was very revealing I want you to take a listen at the description and the level of excitement in describing Dave Lapham what he saw Sunday before the game what he watched AJ green work out in my mind though the biggest plus of the weekend I watched AJ green work out at ten fifteen up there all my god he looked unbelievable I mean he was quick explosive get in our cuts on like wow because I thought you know grass field may be I think he really let it but it hang out because was grass field and he got into the rhythm I was I was close to Bob now I look to Bobby notices to late to activate him just for to play I mean he looked on leave a bowl so hopefully he didn't every you know the effects from it hopefully does get the swelling today in my mind if he doesn't play against the patriots eighty degrees on grass in Miami I I could see AJ green plan in that football game potentially but less to lose I mean that was the best receiver performance ice all day watching that do work out a good he worked up a good thirty thirty five minutes the the explosiveness the suddenness the change of direction I mean the fluidity all of it was like a home my gosh man this is this is top shelf he ran you know a myriad a plethora of routes in in he he ran a mall well in his stop and start you know you come to a complete stop and then and then exploded to start is like all my gosh the hesitation stock I mean he was testing himself you know planning with both feet in our cuts you know running full speed choking it down to a stop exploding out of it it and I think right now AJ green is trying to come to a realization that his new hundred percent he'll never be our he'll never feel the same way with ankles you did before and there's an elite athlete that you've been your whole life every level you play you've been a leak physically and now to have a little glitch in the physical part of you that's a mental issue as much as a shirtless user and not of fear but like uncertainty issue it's like am I going to be okay can I do the things I used to do am I gonna re injure it I think he's dealing with that as much as anything I really do cool how good was that so so many things to one packet in that in the rest of it's on my blog at seven hundred W. L. W. dot com think of that what day just said in terms of how good he looked he's not practicing keep that in mind he's not practicing on to what what Dave said about AJ and the new one hundred percent or the new way of feeling getting used to it made immediately flashback to what joy bottom told me years ago after his knee surgery and he said I'm never going to be a hundred percent again he said once you're caught on things change you'll never be a hundred percent you you'll you'll feel better eventually after the surgery but you'll never be a hundred percent after your body's been cut off Hey there's no disputing that I'm so I I found it interesting Dave start of the the psychology OB trusting what he's feeling now adjusting to a different feeling now it has been today is day three hundred and seventy three cents AJ green last played in a football game day three seventy three it was December second of last year against the Broncos he had one catch for seven yards in fact if you go back to October of last year four hundred eight eight days over the last four hundred and eight days AG has that one catch for seven yards is he eat the the game against Tampa he played in that he missed a few games and he came back for the December second game he played seventeen snaps and that was it for the year so we said seventeen snaps in four hundred and eight days but what Dave said very encouraging about what he saw out of AJ agree would you not agree will be fascinating fascinating to see how this plays out but Larry in tadi Jimmy and Josh all have thoughts and contributions to make the show so let's get some of those on the go to Tennessee Josh you're on seven hundred WLW are you are you don't want them to call there and I was more there talk about them the rain yes moving to die young I I mean relax all season weather is M. L. B. trade rumors or thank you Sam players pal all the rage all over there's got to read their all over again to read the pushing hard for for this creates an eccentric sector what kind of saying the same thing play out this year and whether it's fair trade I hope you understand and and I think it would be after nine on on Williams order calls for his side were making all these purses and then nothing ever came out because surely sooner or later you know the reputation of being on the line I hope they understand that they're probably going to have to overpay to get people to come to Cincinnati and if they're not willing to do that the them I need my that will and it is far as trade you know it five hundred bring her in the minor leagues and to a lesser extent may be in here or Stevenson and that would be it would change one if they did want to pull off the curry yeah that's a that's a great point because the you just real off the the main suspects you've got hunter green the uncertainty of coming back from the injury you've got Jonathan India who's done nothing to dazzle so far in the minors you have Tyler Stephenson who if you're not going to make a move for a catcher each your catcher of the future at age twenty three they traded Joe side gray they traded died deter deter doubt I Jeter downs on they traded Taylor Jr mail they've got Tony say anti on but he hasn't dead certainly didn't dazzle last year so I would wonder how much currency they actually have to make a deal with minor league prospects I think that's a fair question well and not bring lance is and no one back given the opportunity I'm still thank the triton polite does with the right that was the right trade at the right time but look at how that crippled the talent in the minor leagues even even you know what eight years later that the red minor league I have not recovered from the hall that it took to get here well I'm gonna partly disagree they went to the playoffs twice and that's what people would kill to go to the playoffs twice now after trade like dad and if one trade decimated your system from six years ago then you're not drafting well enough that goes back to they don't buying of of them this organization not being able to direct going back you know decades yeah and that's why to their defense that's why they've changed a great deal of the front office discounting the drafting developing they've made say they've made more changes along those lines than any team in Major League Baseball in the last eighteen months and I hope it planned out for you and me both Hey Josh thanks buddy thank you all right good here from the more calls ahead we're rolling seven forty eight sports dot seven hundred WLW the.

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