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The reason I mention all of that is not only to amplify what I mean by monitoring as part of these pillars, but also it's really important for enforcement because from an enforcement perspective, typically one needs to engage in what's referred to as a trace pack. And the wage trace back works is part of U.S. telecom as the industry traceback group. They need to have all of the details so that they can form a trace back, which essentially is looking back through the network looking at IP addresses and things of that nature to determine where a call came from. However, there's only limited resources to do that. And so there needs to be some type of trigger or impetus to do a trace back. So you email happens to be one of the preferred providers to the IPG, meaning that when we come to them as the trace back, they know that we have the proof of wrongdoing, meaning that we have an illegal or completely fraudulent robocall. So that kind of gets us in the queue to get it done. The other thing too to keep in mind is there is a cost associated with it. So you wouldn't want to sort of really nilly go to the it like your experimenting because you think something might be illegal or fraudulent because then you wind up paying a fee and wasting your time wasting their time and also engage in an expenditure. But having said that, though, if you do have the evidence of wrongdoing, it's really important because to have true deterrence, there needs to be the enforcement angle where once you do a trace back, you have the ability to prove where it's coming from, and then you have the ability to either go directly to the bad actor if possible or at least go to the first point of interface..

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