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Corona pulled. In this show, we're going to bring you nature. Take on the latest covid nineteen developments. And we'll be speaking to experts around the world about research during the pandemic. This plays out. We also don't know a ton about this. Virus so there's so many open questions. I just have a really hard time. Making predictions that has i. don't know how the outbreaks going to change. Welcome to episode fifteen of Corona. Part I'm Benjamin Thompson back in the south London basement and I'm joined as always by Noah Baker, an amy maximum high both then. Before we get started today a little announcement from us all here. Uh, it feels like the pandemic is moving into a new chapter I think. Maybe you'll both the grill that of course is still ongoing, and the nature of science coverage is changing, and and we're looking to change with it, so we are coming to the end of Corona. What we're going to retire the show in a few episodes, isn't that. That right. Yeah, I think it's starting to become clear to us that we're kind of entering a new phase of the coronavirus pandemic, suddenly thorough here in the UK in the states. Now that's not to say that things aren't still very much going on in in other places of the world area in a very different phase, but I'm the way the AL coverage is working at nature in general. Is the IT's. It's starting to become more integrated into all of our coverage of science and less sort of the sole focus and I. think that's kind of what we're trying to do. Here is retire the colonel specific show, and instead will start bringing all of that reporting into the regular nature past which we we produce on a Wednesday every week. Yeah, that's exactly right of cut down version with all the latest stories are. are going on in the world of Corona virus research that in week, even if we are ending the show, we're going to try to make sure that we keep bits that people like. Yeah, that's right. We want to reach out to the listeners to you listening right now and find out what you enjoyed what you maybe didn't enjoy well because we want to take what we've learned into our future shows..

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