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Maybe maybe Governor Murphy in New Jersey is the bellwether. What has to happen? So I ran to tell the tape again about six o'clock tonight, having tried to watch some of the media coverage. Dustin Johnson did win the golf tournament after an hour so rain delay, But I have some facts and figures in the CNN they Clinton News Network, the really the cable opinion network. Constantly tells us that America does a worse job than any other country on Earth as faras deaths from covert 19 I have those figures I'm gonna share with you. Also later on I have on Jack Windsor. Is going to be here. Teo talk about some of the research he has done. He's a television journalist. Talk about California, Texas, Arizona, Florida and Ohio also later on his Ken Cuccinelli. Who's the interim acting homeland Security secretary, and he's going to talk about the monuments and what's happening to guard them. But let's get the facts, you know, you know facts are stubborn things. I have. I have a nice relationship with the great state of Florida. Florida Saturday desk for the past eight weeks in May in June, so let's go the last eight Saturdays. Ah, the going back to the first part of May. So they were 50 47 47 deaths 43 31 47 40 today on Saturday in Florida 26 which is the lowest It's been since April. So the death rate is the president keeps saying, Thank God is going down as the infection rate is going up, not because all of the infections have been discovered it suppose every time you go to hospital today, no matter what it is, you're tested also nursing homes. The governors are much doing a much better job now and testing those in nursing homes. So the confirm case cases in the United States is about 2,637,000 according to the CDC. 10 times that have already contracted the virus, and they're and they've recovered from it. So to speak many without any symptoms, which means there should be about 26 million infected Americans so far, which is still far a far cry from we have to go about 12 times that number. Now to give you a confirmed case fatality rate right now it's 4.87% which is low compared to other nations. I'll give you those also. But if the confirmed cases are 1/10 of the total, according to the CDC, that would mean that of those who actually contract The Corona virus. There's a fatality rate of about 0.5%. According to the CDC. Point, Fi didn't say 5%. I said 50.5% of people infected with the kind of virus regardless of age die 0.5%. That means 99.5% of those infected recover. And that seems to be what Dr Katz said from Yale, like two months ago, in which he said, as long as those under the age of 40 or 50 years old contracted, they have little health consequences, and they're very likely to recover. We should let them go to work. You would just continue with their lives and those who may be immune, deficient or older. Those are the ones to concern ourselves and worry about Dr Katz was right two months ago, and he's right now he's right today, so 99.5% recover. If they get covert 19 The death rate is about 190.5% according to the CDC. And as a whole Way had the lowest Saturday death total since March 21st on this past Saturday. And during the height of this crisis, about 2700 died. Per day right now and said, I'm sadly for if you're one of the ones we got. 270,506 on the typical day in America, 7.5 1000 Americans die every day 7.5 1000 which means of those Americans attributable to covert 19. We can argue about whether you die with it or because of it. It's about 6% of the total, which means The media coverage is 99.99% on a cause in which the total fatality rate per day is 6% and the recovery rate is 99.5%. 99.5% and those are the ones who have it and they recover many without even knowing they have this and they have the statistics. But as I said, the media now is completely focused on a couple states Arizona Which is a bellwether state in the presidential taxes, which the Democrats want to turn blue in Florida, which the Democrats wanted turned blue. So what I've done and I know many are driving in a truck and a van in the car. But the worst state in the union is New Jersey Governor Murphy and the second worst state, of course, is New York. So in New Jersey, For 100,000 residents in New Jersey. There's 170 deaths per 100,000 New York is 161 per 100,000. So if you could fix in your mind, say, 161 New York State and the media loves Andrew Cuomo 161. Florida The number is 15 out of 100,015 not 161 in Florida and Texas. It is eight For 100,000 not 161. In Arizona. It is 21 per 100,000. So what I've done I've taken Arizona, which is 22 per 100,000. Texas, which is eight per 100,000 Florida, which is 16 per 100,000. And I threw in Ohio, where I live. That's 24 24 per 100,000 I threw in Tennessee, which is eight per 100,008 per 100,000. They total up all those states Arizona, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Total 78 per 100,000 Compare that to New York, which is 161. So twice is many have died per 100,000 New York than those so called Republican states all combined. So where's the media coverage? Media coverage is rooting for more disaster in red stage to separate them from Trump. If Obama was in the White House for this stuff going on, they'd be complimenting him every day. But what a great job he's doing most of the country. So then the other thing to look at is CNN. The cable opinion. Edward constantly tells us Anderson Cooper. Everyone don lemon about what a terrible job America is doing, and you drove down, said so many times..

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