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We're really excited Lyndon to. Be Introducing to you. I guess and this is Claudia Mackenzie. She's a musician. She's a very very well known local artists. In Cambridgeshire and we've spoken to before. Haven't we Linda? It's we have we have and she's great she's. Quite up posse of women musicians in the area, they all knew each other. The on really well, and we have them in studio once before, and it was just a hoot. It was a huge. You're absolutely right. And at this present moment in time we have been hearing a lot about the protests and the movements, black lives matter, and so this is quite an interesting part of women making ways and we were as I said. We're very excited to be able to talk to Claudia Mackenzie. Mackenzie is well-known to anyone who attends gigs in Cambridgeshire. Cloudy is the vibrant bass player who's colorful braids swing around and she dances and plays. I I saw a quite a few years ago at a music festival when she was playing with the band split whiskers, and immediately captivated by her stage presence our energy under obvious love of music. Thank you very much for joining us today on women. Making Waves Claudia. Are Thank you for inviting me I if I walk up the long list of people that. Were trying to drip feed musicians through. A. Lot of your, I'm really really glad to hear because. It used to be mainly men didn't it was all the bane meal orientation? Is The music industry, but we are changing that. Yes, and that's good to hear, so tell us a little bit about your musical background. When did you start being interested in playing instruments I think playing instruments all my life. My parents always had something knocking around the house whether it was a recorder over. Batted, Guitar. That didn't really work so I was always been kind of tampering here. I got to school and I think I decided Guitars Co.. I started of getting into that and started to play rock music, and one of the things that you kinda find with a rock bands. Will people start trying to start rock bands is that? Everybody needs a bass player. Nobody wants to be by SPL. So I started I started doing a lot of stuff with vice loss of people, Navy base players. They just kind of exploded from now. That's really interesting. I was GONNA. Ask You why the base. Because, actually I used to dabble with basis well when I was younger, I was terrible. You're really really good at it. I was absolutely dreadful, but I thought it was an easier student walkout. Rains! How wrong I was ads as well. So you basically started playing the bass because he was able to get into bands. EASIER THAT WAY, yeah! And I went to a GEIC many years. To get friend of mine the Cave Berry. WHO's also another prominent female musician in Cambridge Music, scene and I thought wow, she's Co.. Pay `Ratko. Somebody's in so I was very inspired to Kinda. Know, and it was..

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