Sorensen, Apple, Samak discussed on Accidental Tech Podcast - 229: Just Smush the Screen Somewhere


As as their fancy their sorensen there we go someone got it finally anyway back when sorensen came out what if my or you know racial six whereas they're example 'cause that as harbors for for the what if you can't sport well year video playback as choppy or you can play it all worth the damn like it you know it will fall back to software so for h65apple is supporting decoding unlike every mac this obviously and lots of old max too and there is a software fall back if you don't have hardware because a lot of makssud don't have our like most maxed on have hard report and will the software fall back be fast enough you can find a now go find nature 65 movie in mkv format on off the back of whatever truck you wanna find it on and try to play it and if it is reasonable resolution and you played in like an player for macro would ever play fine but you'll find one that's like four k rerun some things 10adp and you'll try to play an emperor voc or whatever and it will choppy gets be choppy and it will drop frames and it will be crappy but in general i think they're apple software implementation of h265 and coding and decoding we'll be just fine for any reasonably modern mac but just like the h264 changeover did leave behind samak's the could play to play 'em peg for video perfectly fine in the days before impact to or whatever and had trouble with a chew 64 without any hardware to help it out really big videos that will happen but it will be fine like i'mi wouldn't be worried about this if you if you don't remember the super painful transition to each 264 you also remember the super painful transition they 65 anything 205 transitional easier because i think we'll see the hardware support for come online sooner because a lot of it is a lot of the the hardware does used to do it is similar enough stage this excited decoding the to have close analogues to it soi think the hardware vendors won't they won't be too painful to to add the hardware to do which is expected to cut its already in the new chips.

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