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Thank you have a called before i just want to thank you all a great memory thank you eight conversation mickey mantle conversations hours of rendering yankee stadium uh in the realm of a few years older than you but i got a little guy named jack whose twelve years old good wa yeah i know i know that that's what i'm telling you and uh russian great great sports conversations gonna miss you tremendously and i've always wanted to call and thank your ankle is very nice of great time very nice you to call do that very nicely of thank you very much all right good locking in your puke thank you i'll be in yankee stadium in august rapt audience your good enjoy opm good time matt new jersey what's up matt am i gotta go on what's happening um well i just wanted to add something to the trade from last night i'm obviously uh todd frazier looked up that year when he was growing up and i think cheater like him by her do you think the anke show anymore number two i'll hang up around you go yeah you'll hang up but we won't even worry about discussing fillon mass viggo what's a ville eric on my what's happened not much arthaud iron heck amac for a little while i think one does though you think they're going to pay your down no think he kinda has earned a way to earn his way to stay and he's earned the shah his part of this team phrases and i sorry gave robson back as number is fraser is as we learned now the phrase you want is a mickey mantle guy is that what he is or is this father mickey mantle guy is that while the seventy seven is on what that's about using mickey mantle guy but he said that he liked the way the nine nine looked on aaron judged by like sentences.

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