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It's part exam to another episode of Jad. Pray the show right here in the big old mothership of studio twenty two puppet master Mark Tate and candies and even the Queen of the the opium sitting there at the helm drive in this think episode for you a big show a really big show. We've got multiple gas. Yes we've got one of your favorites on. I don't know why but my lovely wife jade she is going to sit down with me for a few minutes and we're going to talk about some of the crazy nonsense that we receive online and speaking of crazy nonsense the host of the news and why it matters the one the only legendary Sarah Gonzales you WanNa talk about somebody who can really light up the left on twitter. We're GONNA talk about some of that stuff because people hate us and I don't know there's just something weird inside of us. That just craves attention. It's like it's like that puppy that yelps in the cage every every night so you'll come spank it. Negative attention is still attention. I guess maybe what I'm saying. Is We really want to get spanked. Okay so on this episode Soda Chad Braider Show. We're going to sell flagellate. That's exactly right and no party fell. Steve does not have any idea what that means so thank you for tuning then. Here's what I want you to do. As always you're watching this thing on youtube. Go to the Chat Prater Youtube Channel hit subscribe hit notifications. You get a little dean little ooh ring a bell. I don't have a voice today so I can't hit the note again the note and then go or podcast offered. I want you to go to apple podcast. I want you to go where you can rate and review and we only accept five star reviews. Come on people learnt technology turn. It's funny to me. I put out I put out stuff on facebook doc and you know the kids these days. They say it's all of us old people yeah you. It's all of us old people on facebook. That's right window and not old. I'm just getting older right. Catch yourself digging in your keys. That's an old man. Move you go to the academy sporting goods and you're looking for new sneakers velcro starts to look like a good idea. That's that's an old men move. You know what I'm saying like. I could still play myself but it gives me heartburn. Okay people. I want you to leave a five star review. Get ready to get triggered. We're going to have a good time but for now right here in studio to send it to the Texas legend the one the only steam hammer the Steve Helmsman along with simple Ben McPherson on the fiddle. Come homeboy was written negative..

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