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They don't their lawyer wants to turn into a class action suit because that's where they get all the money you get a buck twelve you know the end of the day after when they send the checkout but the lawyers make a killing off this kind of class action lawsuit stuff and basically what facebook has is information history on your call they don't have information on the call itself they don't have any recording the call they don't have a transcript of the call they don't have a transcript or they can't read the text message they just know when you made the call and when you made the text message now i can't imagine how that information is useful but apparently facebook finds it useful they wouldn't have tracked it and they say they're not tracking it anymore so that's what now if you're upset about that be upset but i mean they they knew when you made a phone call well i would think if you've got a messenger app and you're sending a message through facebook on your phone that they are going to know why wouldn't they know that you're sending it through facebook aren't you what why wouldn't they know and is it is it wrong that they know i guess it's all going to be hashed out the other thing that's got people upset about facebook is this whole thing about king regina linda and that's the thing that's to me just completely blown out of proportion we went over this past few days i'm not going to belabor the point i'm just trying to tell you that the the alternate goal on this is for the mainstream media the way the reason they keep this going is because they're trying to tie it the trump but as far as i know trump had nothing to do with this the cambridge politica stuff with a psychology test that was ended before trump got into the campaign so i can't see how this has anything to do with trump now you can argue that cambridge analytica still had the data because they hadn't deleted it and they.

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