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Paris is the first black woman and the first Asian American to be named to major party ticket so she could give Biden and even more commanding edge than he already has. With voters of color. She's also relatively young, 55. And could help energize millennial voters. Another area where she could give beina boost is perhaps less obvious. Harris tends to be very popular with Latino voters on Luis Lopez is research and data analyst with the political opinion research firm Latino decisions and she joins us now. Good morning. Morning, Cherry. Thanks so much for being here. You've done some research on this recently. What kind of support does Kamala Harris have among Latino voters? I always found in our recent polls is comma. Harris is a lot of support with Latino voters. 59% of Latino voters said they would feel excited about Harris ticket then this was back in June. We also found that the support is also strong among young Latino voters. 61% of young with your voters said they would be excited about a hair's ticket. And actually, 56% stated that if Biden order choose Harris as a running mate who would actually make a more likely to support and vote for Biden, And this is a new Harris was a favorite with Latino voters dating back at least 2 2010 when she first ran for attorney general of California, right. Yes. In 2010 and 2014 Latinos supported Kamala Harris of Attorney general and then again in 2016 in Senate race against sort of a little Sanchez for the California Senate. She also polled well with Latino voters as a candidate in the presidential race last year. Yeah, So when we look at the June 2019 debate, we see that there was a jump from 6 to 22% with 16% jump among support from Latinos. This comes before and after the Debate. And so we know that when I listen to a comrade to say they really resonate and increasing support, and we can expect to getting you see this in the coming months. What is it about Harris that has attracted so much support from Latino voters, something in her background, her track record that resonates So come here, daughter of immigrants, and I think for Latino voters that really speaks to their experience. United States. She also has been a vocal supporter of black lives, not a movement, and when we think about What young Latinos support nowadays that is very strong on their priority list, and we see that in our poll. There's been a lot of concern that Harris is tough on crime track record as a prosecutor could hurt her with black voters is that record an issue a concern when it comes to the Latino community. Our research suggests that while Harris has been in politics for a long time that the voters really care more about our current policies that are passed on this combat, a margin of 2 to 1. Additionally, like I said her recent support Black lives matter has really resonated with electing our community. Could enthusiasm for Harris help boost turnout among Latino voters. We definitely believe that they can. She is strong vocal supporter and I think really resonates with Latinos and young Latinos who really want to be motivated to go out into the poles on DH, even for undecided voters. We expect these trends to continue as she's taking on the establishment in the Senate. Being a woman of color. Do you think that Ah Harris is presence on the ticket could boost turnout among Latinos in key battleground states. Are there places where she could really, you know? Help Tio move the needle helped get Biden across the finish line, Perhaps Yes. So in the last in a recent poll, we did cross six battleground states in the United States. We found that support for Harris is strong and it's growing as we continue to learn about her. So the more that she reaches out to these voters more that we can expect these trends to continue When you say battleground states. Are we talking about places like, say, Arizona? Maybe even Florida? Yes. So our survey actually looked at Arizona, Florida, Texas state like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, where you know population in Arizona is at 2.1 million and and range is a little bit over 800,000 in Pennsylvania. So it sounds like from what you're saying that that could potentially be really key and could shift the dynamics of the race. Perhaps We definitely believe so. On East Lopez, his research and data analyst with the political opinion research firm Latino Decisions. Thank you so much. Thank you. You're.

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