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Matt mcgrath matt roberts in the production studio today making making a sound good matt i actually have very high voice but matt changes for the radio people are always amazed when they come into the workshops and hear how higher voice that's right so this show if you haven't guessed it's called power trading radio it's not just about trading the markets well you know we explained in the first segment that trading is active buying and selling financial markets but it's also about investing in the markets too that's what we focus on at the academy how can you trade right in the best right along with the big banks and institutions the ones that are so very very profitable by going out into the financial markets and so that's what we're going to talk about on the show today's how is it possible that you could maybe go open your own direct access brokerage account and maybe funded with a couple of thousand dollars my baby go out and trade the global forex markets because it's very highly leveraged market on the commercial breaks you know i think it's intentional because they want you to give them your money and they want to control that money they're in the business of controlling assets and they can take your money in fact in fact if you're if you do business with an investment bank then quite frankly that money in your checking account it's there electronically they take the physical part of that money and they invested themselves and they're making money with your money absolutely in the financial markets that's how they do it and you know what's ironic about that as we run into people all the time that have opened an e trade account or it's got retail brokerages and they just fund the account with a couple of thousand dollars and they're just trying some things.

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